2008 Heart Valve Surgery Blogs By Adam Pick

By Adam Pick - Patient, Author & HeartValveSurgery.com Founder

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Stents In Heart Valve Replacements
Thanks Ginny! My Book Now Available At Ritter Library!
Blood Transfusion - Blood Bank Safety For Heart Surgery Patients
Dr. William Ryan Performs Successful Key Hole Heart Valve Surgery
Amazing Heart Facts
Changes After Open Heart Surgery
Before And After Mitral Valve Repair Pictures
Edwards Celebrates 1,000,000 Valve Patients & More
Remember, No Coffee After Heart Surgery
Does Mitral Valve Regurgitation Equal Heart Disease?
Update On Buddy’s Heart Murmur
Blood Pumping And Blood Vessels - Heart Facts
Heart Surgery Cost & Insurance Problems
Getting In-And-Out Of Bed… Some Ouch!
Cancer, Heart Valve Surgery, Mitral Valve
Mitral Valve Prolapse Diagram
Stop And Smell My Roses
Treating Aortic Valve Stenosis With HDL-Increasing Drugs
Heart Valve Prolapse – Symptoms, Treatment and More For Kim
Allergic Reactions After Heart Surgery
Is Aortic Valve Replacement Complex?
Edwards SAPIEN Transcatheter Valve Trials
Jim Lehrer Recovering From Heart Valve Surgery
In Memory Of Connie Stone (1959 – 2004), Our Prayers Are With You
Children With Heart Murmurs
Heart Valve Replacement Selection For Severe Aortic Stenosis
Sheep Heart Valve Replacement
Heart Surgery Second Opinion
That Unexpected “Full Monty” Body Shave
Critical Aortic Stenosis, Patients Over 80, Heart Surgery
FREE Incision Shields – UPDATED: ALL GONE!
Joanne’s Incentive Spirometer Trick
Ralph Willard, Recovers After Robotic Heart Valve Repair
Chest Heart Surgery Scar Care In Sun
Heart Surgery Patients Are NOT Alone!
The “Gift Of Life” For Children
Mederma Skin Ointment For Incision Scars
Is Good And Bad Medicine All Around You?

Blood Bank Safety
Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (Video)
Teppo Numminen Returns To NHL After Mitral Valve Repair
Patient Visits Edwards Lifesciences After Heart Valve Replacement
Four Heart Valves
Pharmacy After Heart Surgery
83 Year Old Heart Valve Surgery Patient, John DeFalco Is “Bored” With His Recovery
Ross Procedure And Aortic Aneurysm Surgery
Walking Up And Down Stairs After Heart Valve Surgery
Pig Heart Valve Longevity – How Long Do Pig Valves Last?
Bicuspid Aortic Valve In Newborn
Pig Valve Transplants For Patients Needing Heart Valve Replacement Surgery
Heart Valve Disorders And Treatment
Weightlifting After Heart Valve Replacement Surgery
Pulmonary Stenosis – Symptoms, Treatment, Valve Surgery
The Patient Need To Communicate After Heart Surgery
Smoking, Children And Open Heart Valve Surgery
What Do Normal Heart Valves Look Like?
Mitral Valve Leakage And Stress
Don’t Forget To Use Your Incentive Spirometer!
Elderly Patients Heart Surgery
“My Momma Always Said… Valve Surgery Is Like A Box Of Chocolates.”
Heart Valve Replacement Surgery Success
Cardiac Surgery 101: How To Suture A Heart Valve Replacement (Video)
Saunas, Scars, Sweat And My New Pal… Glenn
Mitral Valve Replacement Sucess Surgery
Exercise Before Heart Surgery
Trasylol Exposed For Deadly Side Effects-Video
Eight Days After Aortic Valve Replacement
Interesting Facts About The Bodyl
Diagnosing Aortic Stenosis
Our Own, Leslie Lafayette, Becomes A TV Star After Mitral Valve Repair (VIDEO)
First Mechanical Heart Valve Replacement
Tissue Valve Replacement Requires 1,800 Hand-Sewn Stitches
Three Weeks After Aortic Heart Valve Surgery
Cleveland Clinic And Google
One Year After Heart Valve Replacement
Edwards LifeSciences Tour
Heart Valve Disorders Always Pre-Medicate Before Seeing Your Dentist
Mitral Valve Calcification – Pictures, Symptoms, Treatment
Waking Up With The Ventilator Tube
Mexico City For Mitral Valve Replacement
Heart Valve Surgery Patient Survey!
Reoperative Valve Surgery Due To Problematic Stitches
Open Heart Surgery Diagram
Decellularized Tissue Heart Valve Replacement

Adam Pick
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