2008 Heart Valve Surgery Blogs By Adam Pick

By Adam Pick - Patient, Author & HeartValveSurgery.com Founder

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Bjork-Shiley Aortic Mechanical Heart Valve Replacement Stays Put
Frustration, Nerves, Leaking Heart Valve, Test Results And Non-Surgical Options
NHL’s Sabres Re-Sign Teppo Numminen After Heart Surgery Recovery!
Bloodless Open Heart Surgery For Jehovah’s Witnesses
Restarting The Heart After Open Heart Valve Surgery
Caring For A Heart Surgery Patient
Heart Valve Flaps
3D Transesophageal Ultrasound Imaging For Heart Surgery
Arizona Heart Surgeons
Mild Strokes & Heart Valve Replacement Surgery
Homograft - Human Heart Valve Replacement Donor
Aortic Valve Replacement For Calcified Heart Valve
Reduce Mitral Valve Regurgitation
Thanks For The Blog Feedback Everybody!!!
Annual Open Heart Surgery Operations, Surgeries Yearly
Ross Procedure Option For My Aortic Valve Replacement?
Heart Surgery Cartoons
I’m The Target! Please Criticize Me And My Blog!
Asymptomatic Heart Surgery Patients
Procedure Surgery Success Story
Vytorin Heart Valve Risks, Safety Aortic Stenosis
Collarbone Pain, Pain Scale
Aortic Valve Stenosis Diagnosis For People Over 65
Stem Cells Human Heart Valve Growth
Heart Valve Leader, Edwards Lifesciences, An Acquisition Target?
Heart Lung Machine- How Does It Work?
Scar Fade After Heart Surgery
Like Many Patients, Jim Lehrer Is Very Thankful
Radiation, Endocarditis, Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery
Number Of General Anesthesia Operations Per Year
3D Human Heart Valves – Pictures, Images, Animation
Palpitations, Cardiac Depression, Heart Valve Repair Surgery
Kissing, Smooching Risks Heart Valve Patient?
Sam Maresh, Minnesota Football Recruit, Recovering From Aortic Heart Valve Replacement
Dr. Chitwood - Robotic Mitral Valve Repair, North Carolina
Dr. Brian Bethea - Heart Surgeon
Swimming After Heart Surgery
Costs Of Heart Disease, Annual, Yearly Estimates
Jack’s Leg Useful For Keyhole Heart Valve Replacement
Definity Linked To Patient Deaths During Echocardiograms, Says FDA
Online Coumadin Video Suggested By Sean For Patients
Risk Of Coumadin, Warfarin, Blood Thinners
Cardiac Rehab Exercises – What Are The Best To Do?
Depression After Cardiac Catheterization
The Four Heart Valves
Off-Topic: The Two “Gs” Of Inflation
After Open Heart Surgery, Patient Opens 30-Year Dream
Mitral Heart Valve Cysts, Common?
The David Procedure Success Story
Patient Recommended Heart Surgeon
Aortic Valve Stenosis, Cancer, Heart Valve Replacement & Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Ronny Turiaf Heart Surgery!
Heart Anatomy And Heart Valve Video
Insulin Treatments For Heart Surgery Patients
Avoid Jacuzzis And Hot Saunas During Early Heart Surgery Recovery
How To Tell Your Kids About Heart Surgery
Virtual Heart Surgeon Simulator
Vivien Thomas (Johns Hopkins) - Heart Surgery Pioneer
Statins Prevent Death And Complications In Heart Surgery Patients
Does Grey’s Anatomy Miss Mark On Heart Surgery Reality?
First Mechanical Heart Valve
Dan Swecker - Heart Valve Replacement Surgery
Family Hospital Stay & Visiting Hours
Annual Heart Valve Surgery In The United States
Pumphead Disputed - Not From Bypass Says New Study
Pain, Driving After Heart Valve Surgery

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of HeartValveSurgery.com.

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