2008 Heart Valve Surgery Blogs By Adam Pick

By Adam Pick - Patient, Author & HeartValveSurgery.com Founder

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Mitral Valve Repair and Blood Transfusions
Annual Echocardiograms After Heart Surgery
Getting Life Insurance After Heart Valve Surgery
Mitral Valve Replacements Two Three Leaflets
Baby Boomer Impact On Heart Valve Surgery Industry
Dr. John Randolph and Dr. Ron Elkins, Ross Procedure, Bicuspid Valve
David Dinkins, Heart Valve Replacement
Chest Incision, Heart Surgery, Glued, Staples, Stitches
Basketball After Heart Valve Surgery
Echocardiogram, Second Opinions For Heart Valve Disease Diagnosis
Tennis Playing After Mitral Valve Replacement Patient
Latest Mitral Valve Repair Technology
Ross Procedure Risks For Aortic Valve Replacement
Aortic Valve Surgery, Symptoms, Female Scars
Mitral Valve Prolapse Impact Men & Women Differently?
Video Robotic Heart Valve Surgery
Mechanical Heart Valve Clicking Noise
Cardiac Depression And Heart Palpitations After Heart Surgery
Cleveland Clinic Performs Over 10,000 Heart Valve Procedures Each Year
Cleveland Clinic Heart Valve Surgery Webcast
Happy Thanksgiving! (Plus, Fun Turkey Cartoons)
Heart Surgery Patient Depression
Cardiac Surgeon, Dr. Jack Copeland, Patient Testimonial
Blood Bank Concerns, Remorse And Advice
Elderly Heart Surgery Success Rates Improving
Heart Valves, Stem Cells & Umbilical Cords
Long-Term Heart Failure Rate
Heart Surgery Patient Advice For Second Opinions
Women Heart Valve Replacement Surgery
Pumphead After Heart Valve Surgery
Carmat Artificial Heart
Fen-Phen Heart Valve Damage
Barack Obama - Yes, We Can
Narrow Heart Valves & Stenosis
Mechanical Heart Valve Replacement Longevity
Indications For Aortic Valve Replacement Due To Aortic Stenosis
Mechanical Heart Valve Sizers… On eBay?
Top 5 INVISIBLE Things Patients Should Bring To The Hospital
Porcine Heart Valve Replacement - Failure Rates
Heart Disease And Cardiac Depression
Mitral Valve Repair Video By Dr. Adams
Rodney Dangerfield - Heart Valve Surgery Patient
MitraClip Readies For Mitral Regurgitation Study
Nerve Damage After Heart Surgery
Calcified Heart Valves Vs. Normal Heart Valves
Heart Valve Surgery Lawsuit
Edwards’ Sapien Heart Valve Trial Results
Karen’s “Best Piece Of Advice” For Patients
Is Paul’s Scar On The Wrong Side?
Mismanaged Patient Expectations
Mitral Valve Regurgitation Echocardiogram
Bovine Heart Valve Replacement & Atrial Fibrillation
Mild Regurgitation – Will I Need Surgery?
Timing Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery - When Is The Best Time?
Lynn’s 700-Mile Bicycle Ride After Valve Surgery
Heart Facts: Women And Heart Disease
Aortic, Mitral Valve – Heart Surgery Video
Genetics Of Heart Valve Disease, DNA
Mitral Leaflet – Anatomy, Problems, Pictures Of Mitral Leaflets
Mitral Mechanical Heart Valve Replacement Options
Aortic Valve Gradient
Physical Preparations For Heart Surgery
Bicuspid Valve Replacement, Tamponade & Heart Failure
Anticoagulation & Heart Valve Replacement For Mechanical Devices
Gift Of Life To Host 10,000th Heart Surgery Patient
Prosthetic Heart Valve Replacements
Pulmonary Valve Replacements - Ross Procedure
Patient Lifespan After Heart Valve Replacement Surgery
Tip For Treating A Heart Surgery Scar
After Valve Replacement, Etan Thomas Readies NBA Return To Wizards

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of HeartValveSurgery.com.

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