Webinar Video - "Advances in Aortic Valve Surgery: TAVI"

Featuring Dr. Charles Davidson, Dr. Chris Malaisrie & Adam Pick

On November 7, 2012, HeartValveSurgery.com and Northwestern Memorial Hospital hosted a special patient webinar about transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI). These new devices replace diseased aortic valves without any incision to the patient's sternum.

The webinar featured Dr. Charles Davidson, an interventional cardiologist, Dr. Chris Malaisrie, a cardiac surgeon, and Adam Pick, founder of HeartValveSurgery. Simply click the play button below to watch the "Advancements in Aortic Valve Surgery: TAVI" webinar.

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Webinar Speakers


Dr. Charles J. Davidson
Interventional Cardiologist
Northwestern Memorial Hospital
(888) 535-6197


Dr. S. Chris Malaisrie
Cardiac Surgeon
Northwestern Memorial Hospital
(888) 535-6197


Adam Pick
Patient & Website Founder
(888) 725-4133