Dr. Paul Massimiano, Heart Surgeon

Falls Church, VA, Unregistered surgeon [What's this?]

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"Dr. Paul Massimiano performed a minimally invasive mitral valve repair on me. It was a difficult repair. The outcome, however, was excellent. I was out of the ICU in 12 hours and released from the hospital in less than 3 days. We are all pleased with the results. Dr. Massimiano was not chatty but answered all of my questions with thoughtful responses. His staff was quick to return phone calls and emails to me. The nurses and hospital staff held Dr. Massimiano in as high regard as do I. "

Posted by Donald Cohen

Valve Specialist

Near Falls Church, VA

Dr. Irving Kron

Dr. Kron has
performed over 5,000
heart valve surgeries in
Charlottesville, VA

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