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Dr. Niv Ad - Heart Surgeon

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Dr. Niv Ad
Falls Church, VA


Patient Reviews (1)

"Dr. Niv Ad was first rate. His minimally invasive procedure for performing the Maze procedure worked perfectly, and I'm completely free of Atrial Fibrilation. Dr. Ad conducts continuing research into the post-op health of all of his the patients for several years after surgery, which shows his intent in perfecting the science of surgery, and ensuring the procedures return long-term positive results. Bedside manner, professionalism, patient follow-up, and attention to detail were all top shelf."

Peter Carlson
Aortic Valve, Mini-Thoracotomy / Port Access, Maze Procedure, 11/17/2007

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Registered Heart Valve Surgeon

Near Falls Church, VA



Dr. Gorav Ailawadi
Over 700 heart valve
surgeries performed
Charlottesville, VA

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Rebecca McGrath


Rebecca McGrath
Aortic stenosis