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Patient Recommendations (43)

"I can't say enough about this great man, from bedside manners to the results of my surgery. Great experience with Dr. Khoynezhad."

Posted by John Stimpfig

"I cannot possibly say enough about the bedside manner of Dr. Ali Khoynezhad not only with me but with each member of my family. Dr. Ali Khoynezhad became my friend and gave me a great feeling of trust. I know the surgery was a success and I am recovering very well."

Posted by Robert Beren

"My experience with Dr. Ali Khoynezhad was very good. He explained the procedure in simple language and answer all questions posed by my family and me. I am very happy with my results."

Posted by Alan Weisbart

"Dr. Ali Khoynezhad and his team went above and beyond the level of care provide to me and my wife by talking to us about the procedure before and after surgery. I was made to feel I was in the best hands possible. Even the care weeks & months after surgery were unsurpassed. The nurses and Doctor Ali Khoynezhad at Cedars Sinai are bar-none the best in the business. "

Posted by Ken Kline

"Dr. Ali Khoynezhad is an amazing surgeon. He has a warm and caring bedside manner. What also should be noted was his bedside manner with my family, I was told that was extraordinary. I am very happy with my results and highly recommend Dr. K. "

Posted by John Feinour

"Dr. Ali Khoynezhad will always be near and dear to my heart. Pun intended! Dr. K performed the David Procedure on me flawlessly. The best thing about Dr. K is how confidence inspiring he is. Every step of the way -- before and after the procedure -- Dr. K was always correct in his diagnosis of my status whenever there was an issue that came up. I'm 45 years old and have resumed my fully active lifestyle including basketball, mountain biking, weight training, and training for the LA Marathon. I would be happy to speak to anyone about my experience with Dr. K. He and his staff will take excellent care of you! "

Posted by Jared Underwood

"Dr. Khoynezhad is wonderful, friendly, caring and truthful. He has excellent staff and follow-up care. We even looked at lab results on his phone together."

Posted by Kathy Williams

"I was diagnosed with an ascending aortic aneurysm and bicuspid aortic valve in July, 2010. I lived in Colorado, but had lived in California and was aware of the group Dr. Khoynezhad belonged to. After meeting with several surgeons here in Colorado, I flew to LA to meet Dr. Khoynezhad. He was also recommended by my Cardiologist at Scripps in La Jolla, Dr. Roy Avalos. The moment I met him, I knew he had the skills to do the job as well as the warmth and kindness which was so comforting to my daughter. The procedure was lengthy, but totally successful. He was able to repair my aortic valve rather than replace it with an artificial one. My aorta was replaced all the way up to the arch. I was so thrilled to see him at my follow-up visit in December. He is a true rock star to me. Also, I can't forget to mention his wonderful staff and those fabulous nurses in the intensive care unit. I would be happy to talk to anyone wondering about this surgery, the aftermath and Dr. Khoynezhad. "

Posted by Mary Patricia Power

"Dr. Ali Khoynezhad performed the David Procedure on me and did an exceptional jobs. He repaired my bicuspid valve and removed my ascending aortic aneurysm. I was out of the hospital in 4.5 days and my recovery is going very well. He is extremely talented, humble, and was always willing to spend as much time as we needed answering any questions we had. I believe him to be one of the very best in the county at this procedure. His staff is wonderful and the ICU nurses were great. His Nurse Practitioner, Mihaela, was comforting and a great asset to my wife and I throughout this entire process. I highly recommend that if you have a valve or aortic issue and might need surgery you contact him as soon as possible."

Posted by Scott Reiber

"Exemplary communication both before and after surgery. Results with Dr. Khoynezhad are excellent and follow-up care has been thoughtful and professional."

Posted by William Alderson

"Dr. Khoynezhad is a fabulous person in addition to being the best surgeon I could ever hope to have. He gave me confidence and he has an excellent bedside manner. I am a lucky person. His right hand person, Mihaela, was wonderful too. I never worried for one minute about the outcome. I just knew Dr. Khoynezhad would do an excellent job. It is one year since my surgery and I take no meds at all! Cedars-Sinai and all the nurses were great too. I am a very happy man and have added their names to my list of wonderful people I admire most! Thank you doctor Ali. And thank you again! What could be better in the world than being excellent at helping people save their lives. God bless you! You are the BEST!"

Posted by George Jones

"I was very fortunate to be referred to Dr. K and his team. Not only is he a great surgeon, he was great at explaining the procedure and why I needed it. When I first saw him, I got cold feet and didn't get the procedure I needed -- which was a David Procedure for an Aortic Aneurysm. He made sure I saw him for a follow-up. When I got cold feet again, he asked if he could speak to my wife. That did it, and it is a good thing I had it done when I did, because my Aorta was "paper thin" in spots. The Nurse Practitioner, Mihaela, is great. When you have a question or concern she calls back on the same day and will spend as much time as you need to explain the what and why of your question. Also, I had a few complications after surgery, and am I glad Dr. K was my surgeon and I was at Cedars Sinai. Not only did they fix the complication, but Dr. K did an outstanding job reassuring my wife that everything was going to be fine. Open heart surgery is certainly no walk in the park, but if you need it have it done by Dr. K. I am a very active person, and after a week I was walking a block and at 2 weeks 15 minutes. It has now been 3 1/2 months since my surgery, I'm walking 45 minutes and lifting light weights at the gym. Oh, and people are amazed at my scar, you can barely see it!"

Posted by Joe Nestor

"At age 52, I was diagnosed with a 5.45cm ascending aortic aneurism after an accidental fall that broke 3 of my ribs. The CT scan had revealed this silent but deadly monster lurking just behind my rib cage. It was speculated the aneurism had probably been there for years and I was told consult my primary physician about future treatment.

My primary physician encouraged me to find the best qualified surgeon I could because the procedure is highly specialized. From a Google search I found an aortic aneurism program at Mount Sinai in New York. Mount Sinai recommended Dr. Ali Khoynezhad, at Ceders-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles as expert in this very difficult procedure. After setting up a initial consultation with Dr. Khoynezhad and his staff, my wife and I most were most impressed with his caring nature and his ability answer all of our questions and concerns about my condition and the procedure ahead.

The David Procedure, as it is called, was about 5 hours in length and totally successful. Dr. Khoynezhad was able to repair my aortic valve rather than replace it with an artificial one. My aorta was replaced all the way up to the arch with a Dacron tube.

Looking back on the experience 15 months later I think the following moment sums up the type of surgeon and person you are placing your trust in when you choose Dr. Khoynezhad. At the end of our first meeting with Dr. Khoynezhad and his nurse practitioner Mihaela te Winkel, Dr. Khoynezhad shook our hands and said, "We're going to be friends for life." He was right and we are so fortunate to have found him."

Posted by Jeffrey May

"The specific procedure was for a aneurism on the ascending aorta... For such a complicated surgery, the post operative time was very pain free and problem free. I was very, very pleased and had no complications with the surgery at any time to the present which is now almost ten months later.

Dr. Khoynezhad and his staff were exceptional. Everyone involved took the time to answer any questions I had and were kind, comforting and helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Khoynezhad based on my experience with him and his staff."

Posted by james engstrom

"I was scared to death when I was suddenly and unexpectedly diagnosed with an 5.6 cm ascending aorta aneurysm. Dr. Khoynezhad and his very skilled surgical team at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center replaced my damaged aorta up to the arch and replaced my aorta valve. My operation was on Monday and I was discharged the following Sunday. I'm completely healed, have little or no scar from open heart surgery and have returned to my normal activities, golf, fishing, gardening, exercise, walking and running. I saw him today, October 30, 2013, for my one-year post surgery follow up and he was as pleased as I am with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Khoynezhad."

Posted by John Wehrly

"From the diagnosis on through surgery and after, Dr. Khoynezhad has been so incredibly supportive. He explained everything all along the process and always listened & listens to me & my concerns. I completely trust him and find him to be incredibly knowledgeable yet human. He is so supportive of my needs still. His staff are awesome and professional and very humane. My surgery was a success and my recovery has been monitored so professionally yet humanly by Dr. Khoynezhad and his staff. And least important but a plus is the fact that my scar is so minimal which shows their surgical skills."

Posted by Danny Ray

"Dr. Khoynezhad explained my condition in easy to understand terms. He detailed the procedures, took the time to answer my and my wife's questions, and addressed the psychological impacts of this type of surgery. He quickly gained my confidence. He visited me twice a day after the surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Khoynezhad if you're considering CT surgery. It's been over a month since my surgery. While I'm still recovering, my strength is returning. I'm sure that this procedure saved my life."

Posted by Michael Van Nordheim

"Hands down one of the best surgeons you could work with. Ali and his team made one of the most complicated surgeries seem easy. My recovery is ongoing and progressing well. The nurse staff is also excellent. "

Posted by Chris Magnuson

"I had three procedures, aortic valve replacement, aortic root and 1 CABG.

Dr. Khoynezhad and his staff are very professional and available to answer any pre and post op questions. It's been 2 months and I feel well and am able to walk briskly for a mile or more with not problem."

Posted by C. Hendrix

"Dr. Khoynezhad did a great job. Feel wonderful two years after the procedure No problems at all. I highly recommend him."

Posted by John Chapman

"Dr. Khoynezhad fixed my aortic aneurysm on December 17, 2013. By February 1, 2014, I was swimming again. He is either a genius, a magician or a Michaelangelo, or all three.

I always felt like I was in the best possible hands. And, that if fate intended it, Dr. K would make sure I lived to see my grandkids and maybe their kids too. He and his surgical team were compassionate, intelligent, available and just a pleasure to know and be treated by."

Posted by Ted Green

"After a shocking diagnosis of a 6.5 cm aneurysm on my aorta, I was referred to Dr. Khoynezhad for surgery.

I really cannot say enough great things about Dr. Khoynezhad. He immediately made me feel comfortable about the upcoming surgery and took the time to answer all of my many questions. He even scheduled a follow up meeting before surgery to answer some of my additional questions. His nurse Mihaela was also a joy to work with. It's now been just over 7 weeks since my surgery and I am back to work and back to doing my cardio at the gym.

In my follow up appointment after surgery, Dr. Khoynezhad was also fantastic at answering my questions and making sure I was given the right information to have a perfect recovery. I am extremely pleased I chose Dr. Khoynezhad for my surgeon."

Posted by Mark Eisenberg

"Dr. Khoynezhad was awesome. I wish wish all doctors had the "bedside manner" and enthusiasm that he and his staff do! Surgery was successful, with no major complications."

Posted by John C.

"Dr Khoynezhad is the most amazing surgeon. He is very approachable and eager to answer all questions you may have. He is very reassuring and comforting. He is very knowledgeable and explains everything in detail in the manner you can fully understand.

When you shake his hand you know you have the right man. I can't say enough to express the gratitude that I have for him and his helpful staff and I would never go anywhere else."

Posted by Aaron Youngreen

"Great experience from beginning to end. Clear explanation of procedure and what to expect. Excellent bedside manner. Great team"

Posted by David Katzman

"From the moment I met with Dr. Khoynezhad I knew I was in competent hands. He explained my surgery so I could understand and answered all of my questions. I had an ascending aortic aneurysm and Dr. Khoynezhad and his team saved my life. I saw him everyday after my surgery and he always had a smile and a kind word of encouragement. My sternum was completely opened, yet my incision is only in the cleavage of my breasts.


I saw him today for my six month check up and I am very healthy.I went back to work 8 weeks post surgery. I will recommend Dr. Khoynezhad to anyone who needs Heart Surgery. He is beyond amazing and the doctor who will save you or a loved one. He saved mine."

Posted by Mary Shannon Jones

"I had an aortic valve replacement and triple heart bypass.

Dr. Khoynezhad has done more than 2,000 such procedures. I rate the overall care by Dr. Khoynezhad as "Excellent" and the care at Cedars Sinai as "Excellent". The doctor took considerable time with me pre-op and post-op. I am 80 years old, back at the gym and now back to excellent health. "

Posted by Arthur Porter

"Excellent surgeon! He explained the very complicated procedure in a way that was understandable and comforting. I was very lucky to have Dr. Khoynezhad perform my operation. I recovered very quickly and I am doing everything I did before I was diagnosed."

Posted by John Wehrly

"My experience was wonderful - Dr. Khoynezhad has an amazing bedside manner and made me feel like I was in the best hands. I never had any doubt that the surgery would go well. He gave me undeivided attention, explained exactly what would happen before, during, and after surgery.

HIs staff was also amazing -- especially Mihaela his PA. My wife was able to easily communicate with Mihaela through email and telephone messaging. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Khoynezhad. And, the surgery went VERY WELL and 8 months later I am doing fine. "

Posted by Harold Green

"Dr. Khoynezhad is everything you want in a heart surgeon. His expertise, experience and ability to relate to the individual patient's concerns made him my top choice.

When searching for the right surgeon for me, Dr. K. called me back personally to discuss my case. Every other surgeon went thru their scheduler or some other go between...some of whom never called me back. Dr. K. explained my condition and educated me on what was wrong, how he would fix it and my outcome. I was very close to an aneurysm in my aorta and didn't know it. Dr. K. expedited my case and saved my life. I heartily recommend Dr. Ali Khoynezhad."

Posted by Ron Steel

"Dr. Khoynezhad did an outstanding job. He explained everything thoroughly before the surgery. His bedside manner is charming and the surgical were all that could be desired. I have follow up visits with him or his assistant every year. I was totally satisfied with my experience with Dr. Khoynezhad."

Posted by John Thornbury

"My experience was amazing. I totally recommend this sugeon. "

Posted by Francisco Marrari

"Dr. Khoynezhad is by far the greatest surgeon I have ever encountered. I performed my due diligence in researching and meeting with many, many surgeons to help me decide who I would choose to perform open heart surgery on me (I had an aortic aneurysm that needed to be removed and a bicuspid leaflet valve that needed to be repaired).

The first sign Dr. Khoynezhad was more competent than all the previous surgeons I met with was the fact that he recognized my aneurysm was in fact larger than what any of the past surgeons had diagnosed. I had been hospitalized twice with severe chest pain and high blood pressure in the weeks before meeting Dr. Khoynezhad and continued to have several episodes after my second hospital stay but none of the cardio surgeons I met with from the hospital nor any of the ones I followed up with outside of the hospital properly conveyed the magnitude of my aneurysm nor how urgent it was for me to get it fixed before it ruptured. Despite my pain never subsiding and continuing to experience frequent episodes of faintness and extreme chest pain, everyone but Dr. Khoynezhad told me I could wait a year or so before having my surgery. I kid you not, they did not see the urgency in my deteriorating health and actually told me to endure such horrific symptoms for up to a year - I guess when your diagnosis is way off, it's not surprising for your recommendations to be as well!

Usually I'm very skeptical when doctors are quick to recommend surgery because you always worry about their hidden ($) agenda but I honestly can say this brilliant man literally SAVED MY LIFE! If it wasn't for Dr. Khoynezhad, I may have taken the advice of all the previous surgeons thinking my aneurysm is smaller and less threatening than it actually was and continued without seeking surgery and my aneurysm would have ruptured and I could have been dead right now. How could you put a price tag on such brilliance? On such competence?

Dr. Khoynezhad is as professional and comforting of a doctor as anyone could ever pray for. He is extremely patient and kind both with myself as well as my boyfriend and family. He met with all of my loved ones prior to surgery and spent an ample amount of time explaining everything in detail and answering all of our questions. He never rushed through anything (unlike most hasty doctors these days) and smiled and was pleasant the entire time - and has been consistently this way with every one of my visits and I have had many with him by now. You can just sense his kind, humble nature when you meet him.

On the day of surgery, Dr. Khoynezhad finished removing my aneurysm and repairing my bicuspid leaflet valve both AHEAD of schedule! My boyfriend and family were all surprised when he came out to meet with them as they were expecting me to be in surgery for nearly another hour.

As far as his work goes, what more can I say? There is a reason he is the head surgeon. My surgery was phenomenal and I have been making a very quick and healthy recovery. I feel so much better now that my aneurysm has been removed and blood pressure lowered. I can't imagine how those previous doctors were suggesting I wait an entire year in pain and agony when I should have addressed it immediately. Dr. Khoynezhad came by and visited me several times while I was staying in the recovery room for a few days. He even surprised us by dropping in on a Friday night after 8:00PM just to check in on me and make sure I was okay! We were all pleasantly surprised to see him following up so diligently after all of the bad experiences I have had with other surgeons over the years (for unrelated matters).

Dr. Khoynezhad's staff has been equally competent and cordial. They have followed up diligently and have helped me tremendously every step of the way. I also am grateful to all of the staff and RN's of Cedar Sinai as they, too, are the friendliest, most professional hospital staff I have ever had the pleasure of being cared for by.

I can't speak highly enough of Dr. Khoynezhad and would strongly recommend him to anyone and everyone who may have a need for cardio surgery. You will not find a better surgeon, a better professional nor a kinder soul in this industry of tainted, impatient doctors. I thank you Dr. Khoynezhad for everything - we need more doctors like you!"

Posted by Tara Scheckwitz

"I had known about my condition for around 5 years and knew that at some point I would have to have surgery. Knowing this can certainly put a little fear into ones mind. I was born with a bicuspid valve on my ascending aorta which should have a tricuspid valve. Relating to a connective tissue disorder, this can also affect the ascending aorta also.

As a result, I discovered, by chance, that my aorta was dilated to around 45mm. Over the last few years, this increased slowly and the time came where I had to make the decision to go in for surgery. Having been to a couple of different places beforehand, I was then recommended to go to Cedars Sinai Los Angeles, where I was Introduced to Dr. Ali Khoynezhad. I was immediately put to ease and felt very comfortable as everything was explained in a good informative manner. My mind was made up and I went ahead and planned the date.

From the day I went in for surgery, till the day I left, only a few days later could not have been a better experience. Having gone in early on a Monday morning for the surgery and before I knew it I was in the ICU for recovery. Later the next day I was in my own room and was already feeling good and looked after very well indeed. Dr Khoynezhad would come and visit everyday and stay as long as needed to answer my never ending questions. Each day I was feeling better and better. I could have probably left on the Wednesday, only 2 days later but I guess I had to be monitored for a little while longer. The results from the surgery were all very good and I had a minimal incision which wasn't particularly painful at all. Obviously I was taking pain killers but I still had expected more and was pleasantly surprised.

I left the hospital on the 5th day having already been up and about everyday before then. On the 7th day I did a steady walk of 7 miles. I was very keen and was advised by the Dr. to keep active. 7 miles was probably not necessary, but I felt fine and was happy to be out again. I would thoroughly recommend Dr. Ali Khoynezhad to anyone needing to have heart surgery as he is one of the best in his field, professionally and personally. Also the staff at Cedars Sinai were out of this world and made me feel comfortable throughout my whole visit. It's been 6 months now since the surgery and I'm doing really well. I've been walking almost everyday since and been jogging for 3 months too.

Where as before where I would easily get out of breath, now I just feel the muscles in my legs working. I'm so happy that I've had the surgery and for anyone worried about it should be put at ease and make an appointment with Dr. Khoynezhad. "

Posted by Mark Holden

"Dr. Khoynezhad is wonderful, kind, caring and informative. I had an aneurism on my aorta, near my heart, that had to be removed. Part of the aorta was replaced with an artificial tube, in addition to a valve replacement. The surgery was very successful and the follow-ups have been great. He is blessed with special gifts of knowledge, talent and a gentle soul. His staff was nice, courteous, lovely, and caring. Dr. Khoynezhad made it a point to advise my four sons to be checked, as well. This pre-cautionary advice was taken seriously and all four of them were checked, due to family history. "

Posted by Eleanor Rivas

"Dr Khoynezhad takes time to sit & answer all questions in a forthright, comprehensible manner. He is available at all times. My surgery went well & I was pleasantly surprised to be active in a very short period of time. I was going up and down stairs as soon as I got home!"

Posted by Polly Businger

"Remarkable. Dr. Khoynezhad and his team are incredible. He is a very kind, thoughtful and extremely talented surgeon. The stress of having a second open heart surgery was greatly relieved by having such wonderful communication with the doctor and his staff leading up to surgery.

Now, almost one year later, I've never felt better taken care of. I feel I am alive today because of Dr. Khoynezhad's vision of how a heart patient should be treated."

Posted by Deborah Goodwin

"Dr. Khoynezhad was top notch. I saw him in early July and had my surgery two weeks later. Earlier in the year, I had been diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm. I received some conflicting information from my original cardiothoracic surgeon and found out the the aneurysm was growing in size and needed attention soon.

After doing a large amount of research online, I reduced the number of potential sites for the surgery to four. Dr. Khoynezhad was the closest and I met him first and was very impressed. I scheduled the surgery immediately. I had a number of side effects immediately after the surgery including arrhythmia, blood sugar problems, extremely painful back spasms and fluid buildup in the chest cavity.

As a result, I took a bit longer in the hospital than originally hoped for. In the following months, I developed a ventricular pseudo aneurysm (which was repaired by Dr. Kar who was a colleague of Dr. Khoynezhad) and had lingering arrhythmia problems.

However, one year later, I celebrated the anniversary of the surgery with a 15 mile hike that included a 3,000 foot change in elevation in the Sierras. The only medications I currently take are fish oil, a vitamin tablet and one baby aspirin a day.

On my last annual visit, Dr. Khoynezhad told me that I wouldn't need to see him again for two years and that the tissue valve they used to replace my original valve was doing much better than expected. Consequently, I would probably not need the expected replacement as soon as I was originally told. I was and continue to be in very good hands with Dr. Khoynezhad."

Posted by Brent Shenton

"Since the very first moment I met Dr. Khoynezhad during my first consultation, he conveyed not only knowledge, professionalism and answered to all my questions in a very clear way, but most importantly: there it was a very human and warm human being talking to me, in a very welcoming way. To me that counts as much as his knowledge.

I felt I could trust him right away, and 2 weeks down the line he performed my surgery. I had an aortic aneurysm, which can sound quite a scary thing to have, but having Dr. Khoynezhad as my surgeon, I didn't feel as if I was in danger but actually, I was looking forward to my little 5-day-vacation at hospital. And do you know what?? That's exactly how it felt to me. My recovery was much faster than I thought it would be, he personally came to see me and check on me. He CARES!

The very small scar on my chest is almost invisible. Last but not least, I am also very grateful to Dr. Khoynezhad's team: each and everyone of them showed concern and care towards me. Thank you!"

Posted by Daniel Soifer

"When I found out in October 2015 that I needed to have my aortic valve and root replacement, I did much of my research here on Adam Pick's website www.HeartValveSurgery.com. I found the site to be very helpful!

I very quickly attracted to Dr. Khoynezhad through his video and bio as an expert and with aortic valves. Through his video, he appeared to have a sincere, calm and poised demeanor. I took a very small leap and chose Dr. K as my surgeon. After our first appointment, I was most impressed and everything I had read about Dr. K from the testimonials was confirmed. Not only is he one of the premier experts in the aortic value arena, he has a truly sincere demeanor and cares deeply about his patients. Our consultation was unrushed and he took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns in detail. From beginning to end, his staff is very communicative, supportive and friendly.

As for the procedure itself, I couldn't be happier and I'm so grateful for Dr. K's expertise. Being that I'm a relatively young patient (54), I asked if he could perform the operation with a smaller incision as I still spend a lot of time at the beach and in the water. To my great surprise, Dr. K was able to complete my new value replacement and aortic root (graft) with only a 4 inch incision. When wearing a v-neck t-shirt, there is no sign of the incision.

After the procedure, I was awake within 1 hour and sitting upright in a chair breathing on my own after 2 hours. Out of ICU under 24 hours. From there, I was walking the halls of Cedar the next day and released to go home on day 5. Since being home, I've have a very pain free experience and now after 2 weeks, I'm taking 3 - 4 miles daily.

Thank you so much Dr. K for your caring, thorough, precise workmanship and taking the extra time/effort to keep my incision to a minimum!!! I am so grateful to have chosen you as my surgeon. I highly recommend anyone to put your life in Dr. K's hands!!!! He is truly amazing!!!"

Posted by Alan Godfrey

"I would like to strongly endorse Dr. Ali Khoynezhad and the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute (along with Dr. Danny Ramzy and the rest of the surgical team that worked on me) for the extremely high quality care I received when Dr. Khoynezhad’s team performed a Bentall open heart surgical procedure on me in February of 2012.

This surgery was performed to resect a 6.5 cm ascending aortic aneurysm and replace my aortic valve. The surgery was complex, and included hypothermic circulatory arrest. The surgical outcome was excellent, and the entire Cedars-Sinai team took time to answer all of my questions before the surgery, and provided excellent post-operative care both in the coronary ICU and when I was moved to the coronary care unit. The nursing staff at Cedars-Sinai also did a superb job in my post-operative care.

I returned to work a little over 3 months after the surgery and I enjoy an active, full life that includes daily bicycling as well as hiking in the mountains on summer vacations. I simply cannot say enough good things about Cedars-Sinai and the Heart Institute. The doctors and nurses are highly technically capable, and at the same time are very compassionate individuals. Cedars-Sinai is a world-class institution, and quite simply, I owe my life to them. "

Posted by Richard Chadwick

"I was introduced to Dr. Khoynezhad and his team by my pastor. My Ascending Aortic Aneurysm was found during a wellness check by my cardiologist, and the rest is history. From my first appointment to my 6 month follow-up, this experience has given me a great respect and appreciation for Dr. Khoynezhad. I thank God for Dr. Khoynezhad and the entire team at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Thank you, God bless."

Posted by Mike Eddy

"Dr. Khoynezhad is professional, extremely competent, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He is willing to answer all questions and surrounds himself with staff that has the same attributes. This is very important when facing open heart surgery that you have complete confidence in your medical team. "

Posted by James Belford

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