Patient Checklist

Following a severe diagnosis, patients typically proceed through a series of steps in preparation for surgery.  

At times, this can be confusing and frustrating -- scheduling doctor appointments, dealing with insurance companies, etc. 

To best prepare the patient, has created a checklist of recommended steps and proven resources designed to help you avoid stress, know what to expect and enhance recovery.
  • Free "5 Critical Questions Answered" eBook – This free 20-page eBook will help answer key questions experienced by patients before, during and after surgery. 
  • Use the Learning Center – Educate yourself about the heart, valve disease, treatment options, the operation, medical devices, your hospital stay and more.
  • Find Trusted Surgeons – Find and research over 1,200 patient-recommended surgeons that specialize in heart valve treatment.
  • Research Leading Heart Valve Clinics - Go on virtual tours, see patient testimonials, watch videos & more. 
  • Meet Other Patients – Please know that you are not alone. To meet over 1,000 patients experiencing heart valve surgery, please visit our online community known as Heart Valve Journals.
  • Read The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery – This 200 page book, written by former patient and founder of, Adam Pick, is the definitive guide for patients and their caregivers. This book will position you for a successful procedure.
  • Watch Educational Videos – In this new section of, the world’s leading cardiologists and surgeons answer actual patient questions.



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  • Patient-recommended surgeons only
  • Over 1,200 surgeons worldwide

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Mike Nunes


Mike Nunes
Mitral Regurgitation

Valve Surgeon Spotlight


Valve Surgeon Spotlight


Dr. Allan Stewart
Mount Sinai Hospital
New York, NY