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belton, Missouri,

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bicuspid aortic valve disease




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leia is doing great!

June 22, 2013

doctor says that leia's heart is back to normal size with only mild leakage now.she has been on heart medicine a full year now and it seems to be working well.i want to thank my friends for their prayers and god above for always being there :)

doing great!

April 4, 2013

leia is starting to gain weight thanks to the heart medicine.she's a happy healthy little girl.doc says she may get through child bearing years before the valve needs replaced.her next heart appointment is may 2nd at children's mercy.may 21st marks 1 yr when we found out about her bicuspid aortic leaky valve.i thank god for giving me a strong little girl....after all...i named her after leia from "star wars".she's a beautiful warrior!

scary moment at the zoo:/

July 30, 2012

we went to the zoo today.as soon as we entered,leia complains of a tummy ache.then she says that she can't see.she was about to fall over so i scooped her into my arms and carried her into the cool building next to me.i layed her on a table and a lady asked 2 pray for her.inside i was screaming help me!help me! i was in fear for a moment.i didn't know what was going on.she was cold and clammy and her lips were white.we sat her up and gave her some water and crackers .she recovered fast and her color was back again.i realized that she was having a faint spell.my question is why?it's not like she doesn't eat or drink anything.i wonder if her medicine could of played a part.please keep leia in your prayers :/

leia'doctor appointment

July 23, 2012

so anyway,leia went to heart doc....heart sounds great.she will get another echo in november .heart surgery may even wait till child bearing years........or longer.her little heart is in god's great hands :)
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dr visit july 23rd

July 11, 2012

i will keep u posted after leia see's the doctor.this is only her 2nd visit.the doc will see if the medicine is working well.wish us luck:)

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