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25 minutes ago

25 days post surgery. Still have water retention and working on energy. See my other pictures.

Meet Dr. John Kern
Charlottesville, VA - Sponsored

Hello! My name is Dr. John Kern and I am a cardiac surgeon having graduated from University of Virginia Medical School in 1988. To date, I have performed approximately 3,000 cardiac surgeries, of which more than 1,000 involved heart valve procedures. I regularly perform surgery at University of Virginia Medical Center. Read more...

Abdulrasaq Tajudeenposted an update
31 minutes ago
Good day!

My name is Abdulrasaq Tajudeen, I'm 52 years old my son is 6 years old his haven heart problem.
He had his first surgery on 18th of july 2015 at University of Nigeria ... Read more
Walter Lewandowskiposted a journal
11 hours ago
TAVR Surgery Completed
I had a great experience with TAVR Surgery on Wednesday. I never believed it would be as fast and efficient. I am very grateful for this technology and the doctors and surgeons I ... Read more
Catie B Wonderful report, Walter! So glad to hear you're doing well.
Bob Gillespieposted an update
15 hours ago

Oh wow, I'm next on the list!

Jennifer McInerney Keeping you in my prayers Bob
Phyllis Petersen See you on the other side!
Judy Willcutt Bob, I'll keep you in my prayers.
Gerald Poulton Yup, your up Bob, but isnt it going to be nice to fix your problem. Day 10 for me and doing a 3-4 mph walk, 3 x 10 minutes per day. Just think, less than 2 ... Read more
Dorothea Sautter All the best for your operation, hope all turns out well!
Marie Myers Congratulations on getting the Top Spot on the Surgical Heap! I hope everything goes super smooth!
Melissa Houser Prayers for your safe landing :)
Walter Lewandowski Best Wishes for a successful surgery.
Clayton Mcarthur Good thoughts your way
Catie B Thoughts and prayers for you, Bob!
Jill Krajnovich Prayers for a successful surgery, Bob!
Tamika Jgot a new guestbook post
16 hours ago
Clayton Mcarthur writes, "You're on the other side, you've got a lot of work ahead but things will be so much better"
Richard Kingposted a journal
17 hours ago
8 days post-op
My surgery went extremely well. I was remarkably calm going in because I put my confidence in a great surgeon (Dr. Gaudiani) and his team. There were no complications during ... Read more
Paul Jenkins You'll be on your way up!
You'll be seeing great sights!
You'll join the high fliers
Who soar to high heights.
Gerald Poulton Now 11 days in, I had the sleeping problems as well, I think it took me till about day 8 to realze that I just no longer need the sleep I used to, so started ... Read more
Rita Savelis Wow, Richard, sounds like you're doing great with all the usual first week after effects of OHS. Thanks for your interesting post. Take care.
Catie B Good to hear how things went and are progressing! Wishing you the best, as your recovery continues!
Richard King Thanks Paul. Nobody says it better than Dr. Seuss. Yes that video is the same heart hugger.
Thanks Gerald, that's interesting. Maybe we don't need as much sleep ... Read more
Tamika Jposted a journal
19 hours ago
Surgery Done

Surgery Dne doing well thanking god! Valve was replacef

Marie Myers Good for you! Welcome to the recovery side!!
Rita Savelis Happy to hear the good news Tamika! Take care.
Jennifer Torring So glad to hear from you!! Now it's just one day at a time til you're feeling good again.
Kelley Turnbull Yay!! yes one day at a time
Laura Dirico r
Good to hear from you. Hang in there one day at a time.
Jennifer McInerney Good to hear you are on the recovery side Tamika.
Phyllis Petersen Welcome to the other side! Have a speedy and uneventful recovery!
Gerald Poulton I think the worst part, so far, about recovery was the fear and the next will be the length of time. Soon it will just be a memory though, all the best 👍
Craig Wise All the Best Tamika.
Walter Lewandowski Outstanding! Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Dorothea Sautter Great! Hoping for a speedy recovery!
Paul Jenkins Things will get better and life will be great!
Tamika J Thankyou all my new heart sisters and brothers your support and prayers meant a lot to me! What a ride, Imglad it's over😊
Jill Krajnovich Glad to hear all went well, Tamika!
Catie B So pleased to have word from you and it's great you're doing well. I know it's a relief that the surgery is behind you. Keep on getting stronger!
Russell Knox Down hill slide time. You've got this.
Cindy Williamsgot a new guestbook post
20 hours ago
Gerald Poulton writes, "Hi Cindy, havent heard from you since your surgery, it seems a while but it is really only a couple of days, posituve vibes coming your way 👍"
Paul Wellsposted a journal
21 hours ago
perivalvular leak (paravalvular)
I'm 16 years out a ROSS procedure. About 3 years ago a perivalvular leak showed up on my echo. It's continued to grow each year. A perivalvular leak is one where the valve ... Read more
Phyllis Petersen That's rough. Good luck going forward!
Paul Jenkins Raw deal Paul but your positive attitude can only help. All the best bro.
Steven A Hustedposted a journal
21 hours ago
i had some very sad news this morning

my brother passed away i will miss him very much we were friends and alot more i wish we could have done more together

Clare Auten Popeye, I am sorry to hear this. You will be in my prayers during this difficult time.
Catie B Oh Steven! I'm so very sorry! My heart goes out to you -- may the Lord bring you much comfort.
Marie Myers So sorry to about your brother. I hope you find comfort in the many happy memories you have of him.
Charles Haas Just dropping in after a while. Popeye, sorry for your loss and best vibes coming your way.
Phyllis Petersen So sorry for your loss. Losing a sibling is like losing a part of yourself.
Karen Pineda I haven't been here for some time and just happened to pop in and saw this message. Popeye, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Many prayers going out ... Read more
Craig Wise I pray for peace for you and family.
Civita Fahey I'm sorry for your loss Steven..
Melissa Houser Sorry for your loss :(
Jill Krajnovich I am sorry to hear about your brother, my condolences to you and your family.
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1 day ago

❤️ See my other pictures.

Valerie Archualposted a journal
1 day ago
Happy Saturday morning heart fam!

Hope all is well! Sending prayers for this week's upcoming surgeries!! <3

It was a late fall evening, a Friday a few years ago, and my son and I had just arrived at a local raceway a couple of hours away from our home. We were there to attend a very intense weekend driving program I had signed him up for. My husband had actually worked for the racetrack years ago and that’s how we found out about the driving program. It was a dual program for both the beginner driver and... Read More Read More
Phyllis Petersen Beautiful! I have such a relaxed, peaceful feeling after reading this. If I were still in NY, I'd want to make a trip down there just to soak up the warmth ... Read more
Jill Krajnovichgot a new guestbook post
1 day ago
Valerie Archual writes, "How are you doing Jill??"
Jill Krajnovich Hi Valerie, Nice to hear from you. I enjoyed your blog as always! I am doing well. Haven't had any new issues with a-fib but my INR levels were very high ... Read more
Nicholas Ordinansposted a journal
1 day ago
My news on the eve of my 67th birthday
My 67th birthday today and just yesterday I was informed by a very pleasant young cardiologist that my recent dizzy spells following exertions are the result of a defective aortic ... Read more
Gerald Poulton welcome to the large club my friend, I am 65 and just had my surgery 9 days ago today and feeling and doing good 👍You can read my story and look at my pictures ... Read more
Nicholas Ordinans Thank you, Gerald. Will do :)
Jennifer McInerney Welcome to the site. You will find an encouraging and supportive community with good, solid information. I am 63 and have asymptomatic severe aortic stenosis, ... Read more
Paul Jenkins G'day mate! What a crook present. Tons's of stories and information here, have a squiz. Its good to understand your options going in to be sure that you're ... Read more
Russell Knox Happy Birthday Nicholas. I'm 58 years old and had a AVR procedure last month. This site is a treasure trove of information.
Phyllis Petersen Happy Birthday! Hopefully, you'll get this taken care of and will get to enjoy many, many more years ahead.
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1 day ago

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Mary Willettposted a journal
1 day ago
Dental work
Just a basic question, how long after valve replacement was it recommended that you wait for dental work? I work in a dental office and yesterday I had a patient who had 2 valves ... Read more
Gerald Poulton She should contact her cardiologist asap, she should have been on antibiotics a long time ago in my books anyways
Mary Willett Thank you. Very interesting. As it says "clear as mud" good read. And In my opinion she should have been treated earlier. Or sent for a full exam to rule out and active infections prior to surgery
Gerald Poulton Welcome, I foubd it very interesting myself, at least some logical guidelines to go by and I think sufficient to say if her procedure was a year ago, poor information ... Read more
Rita Savelis Very strange story. Normally a heart patient takes antibiotics before any dental work or dental cleaning as a preventative measure. I have never heard of anyone ... Read more
Mary Willett I see it all the time. Even after stents or bypass surgery. No dental cleanings or work for 3 -6 months. Every day at work I encounter it. And of course ... Read more
Phyllis Petersen I would think it dangerous to leave an oral infection, especially after heart surgery. I had to show proof of no infection before surgery, but if it's an emergency, I guess they can't wait.
Mary Willett Yes, we do see many patients for clearance prior to heart surgery and joint replacement surgery. I think there is some concern that these are at higher risk ... Read more
Mary Willett And, yes Phyllis, if there is a dental emergency we always get the go ahead. But, I do have to have that in place prior to the patient being treated.
Vanessa Corwin I was told to wait 6 months by my cardiologist, so I am doing so. I had MVP repair. I have to pre medicate prior to going to the dentist (antibiotics). But ... Read more
Jill Krajnovich I was also told to wait 6 months before having a dental cleaning or any other dental work done. I had a cleaning 1 month before my surgery so that I would ... Read more
Barbra Allenposted an update
1 day ago
I have shortness oof breathe this is week 4 post-open. I'm thinking this may be due to dehydration. Have episodes of nausea and vomiting. MD started me on Regang with meals X 30 ... Read more
Gerald Poulton Sorry to hear of your tough times, all I can say is that my internal medicine specialist was called the hydration doctor, he could not stress how important ... Read more
Clayton Mcarthurposted a journal
1 day ago
Chest heaviness

Has anyone ever experienced lung issues when talking Amerodion after OHS,got a strange heaviness in my chest and wondering if it could be from that