Angela Reynoldsposted an update
3 hours ago
I am still awaiting authorization from my insurance company for a 2nd consultation with a 2nd surgeon. The first surgeon was time crushed and I didn't get all my questions answered... Read more

Meet Dr. Gorav Ailawadi
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Hello! My name is Dr. Gorav Ailawadi and I am a cardiac surgeon having graduated from Northwestern University Medical School in 1998. To date, I have performed approximately 2,400 cardiac surgeries, of which 1,000 involved heart valve procedures. I regularly perform surgery at University of Virginia Medical Center. Read more...

Jim Hopkinsposted a journal
3 hours ago
Four weeks to the day
All is going well. Feeling almost normal, other than the big sore spot in the middle of my chest. Went to cardio training yesterday and felt really good, almost broke a sweat. All ... Read more
Jim Stutlerposted a journal
3 hours ago
I Am Behind My Time
Things started getting away time wise after my last posting. Had one quick A-Fib flip flop on the night of surgery, then everything sailed along pretty nicely. Got all tubes out on... Read more
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5 hours ago

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Scott Killianposted a journal
6 hours ago
Pre-pre op questions.
Anybody dealt with infected wisdom teeth prior to surgery. Surgeon insists they be fixed ( I agree). Oral surgeon says should wait at least 3 weeks after extraction before surgery... Read more
Judy Stokes Judy Stokes. I am scheduled for aorta replacement TAVR surgery July 18 at Cleveland Clinic. I am nervous and scared. Anyone who just went through this , let me know how you are doing
Alethea Scally Hi Scott, my Dad had one infected wisdom tooth (abcess) that had to be pulled ten days prior to his surgery. Dentist sent him home without antibiotics and there ... Read more
Rita Savelis Taking an antibiotic an hour before dental work is standard, as is taking care of dental problems before surgery. You'll have to find out what your surgeon ... Read more
Andria Pughposted an update
6 hours ago
Hi all, I am 6 weeks post surgery and get ad hoc vision/ dizzy spells. They only last a few minutes and I thought it was related to heart tablets, these were changed but I am ... Read more
Rex Andersongot a new guestbook post
7 hours ago
Denise Thompson writes, "Rex, so glad to hear that you are up and around - and going home soon! We hope that you have a speedy recovery - take care!!!"
Steve Farthingposted an update
7 hours ago

Continuing to improve. Only had 1 drain tube which was pulled this morning. There was no discomfort, it slid right out! Mitral valve was repaired yesterday.

Scott Killian Glad to hear you are doing well Steve.
Jim Stutler Good news Steve, bet they kick you out soon!
Rex Andersongot a new guestbook post
8 hours ago
Janet Bates writes, "Hi Rex, Stan and I are at Peppers and thinking if you both wishing we were all celebrating together! Glad and so happy you may go home tomorrow! Keep following Dr orders and you ... Read more
Lynda Ruizposted a photo
8 hours ago

See my other pictures.

Lynda Ruizposted a photo
8 hours ago

Before surgery See my other pictures.

Scott Killian Nice to see you.
Catie B Nice, Lynda!
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8 hours ago

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Oman Frameposted a photo
9 hours ago

stress test day! 3 weeks post op.

Steve Farthing Oman- glad you are post-op an you appear very fit. Whatever the results, you may still improve even more over time.
Scott Killian Crank it up !
Rex Andersongot a new guestbook post
10 hours ago
Nina & Ron writes, "Hope you get to go home tomorrow, I know Buffy is missing you. Watching sunset will make you feel better!"
Rex Andersonposted a journal
10 hours ago
Day 4 post op
Day 4 post op and all the tubes are out of my chest.

I'm walking pretty well (with a walker) and there's a good chance I'lol be going home tomorrow.

Rex here. Doing much ... Read more
Scott Killian Going home..gotta love it..
Ruth Belmonteposted a journal
12 hours ago
...yes wow, what a difference. Again, thank you all so much for support, prayers and advise, greatly appreciated!
10 days since my last update and this coming Friday one month ... Read more
Catie B That's great to hear, Ruth! Sounds like he's really coming along!
Marie Myers Sleeping and appetite will both get better with time. Glad he is on the mend!
Scott Killian Good to hear.
Rita Savelis Appetite and taste of food can be really affected by surgery. I ate mechanically for months after surgery and lost my taste for sweet things.
Joe should just ... Read more
Alethea Scallyposted a journal
13 hours ago
Questions RE Sleeping Post-Op
Hi All, So My dad is doing very well at home, we got back from Colorado Springs last Friday. He's almost at 3,000 on the spirometer and doesn't need Oxygen around the house which ... Read more
Barbara Wood Yes, it was for me! After about 3 weeks I began nudging myself to lie very slightly on my side & at 3 1/2 to 4 weeks was able to completely. That was the start ... Read more
Catie B I was told not to sleep on my side for 6 weeks, to not stress the sternotomy. And after that I still couldn't for several more weeks, due to pain/soreness. It can take awhile!
Marie Myers I agree with Catie. I did not sleep on my side for 6 weeks. After that time, I found myself starting to get closer and closer, and finally one night ,I woke ... Read more
Rose Madura I too am having a hard time sleeping on my back. I'm assuming it will get better in time. I usually end up taking an early afternoon nap. I'm only half way to the 3000 so he's doing great I'd say!
Alethea Scally Thank you all for your responses! I let him know, he doesn't have pain while on his side but the concern is the sternum healing incorrectly. I emailed his surgeon, ... Read more
Cathleen DeWitt I was a stomach sleeper! Lol not anymore! I was prescribed a tiny dose of Ambien for the first 2 weeks home after my last OHS. Helped a lot. Sleep is SO important for healing. He should call his doc. ❤️
Rita Savelis It's okay to sleep any way you want to and what feels right for you, but for many the side and stomach will not work for awhile. Getting some sleep after OHS ... Read more
Steve Farthingposted a journal
13 hours ago
Thanks everyone. Out of ICU and walking around.

More later.

Alethea Scally Way to go, Steve! Here's to a speedy recovery.
Jim Stutler Give 'em hell Steve!!
Catie B Awesome!
Rose Madura Great news!
Scott Killian Good to hear.
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14 hours ago
Robyn Tatu writes, "Thinking of you today, Jeanette. Looking forward to having you check in when you can."
Barbara Helen Danceposted an update
16 hours ago
I don't think anyone loves me on this site..... Why you ma y all ask????. Well!!, it seems that according to the sites up coming surgeries.........I am not down to have surgery ... Read more
Martha Dean I think others have had issues with that popping up. Best of luck to you next week!!! Praying for successful surgery and speedy recovery. I am currently ... Read more
Rita Savelis We all love you Barbara but you have to write your surgery date (under My Story) in the American fashion which means 7/4/17 rather than in the European fashion ... Read more
Barbara Wood I was wondering why you weren't showing up Barbara! Hopefully Ritas fix will pop you onto the surgery heap. Sending positive thoughts & prayers your will do fine! xo
Sandy Laine Someone told someone last week that they had to have a picture posted. Not sure if that's true - but if changing the date doesn't work - maybe post a picture...
Adam Pick Hi Barbara, Not to worry... Please fix the date of your surgery and post a picture and you'll be IMMEDIATELY posted to the upcoming surgeries section. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jennifer McInerney Good luck Barbara. So nice to know that many people are thinking of you and wishing you well for a speedy recovery and of course a successful surgery
Marie Myers Post that picture, Barbara! We want to see you on the "Board of Surgery", maybe even the coveted Top Of the Surgical Heap position !!
Scott Killian Good luck Barbara!