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Here are the most recent Heart Valve Journals posted by members of our growing community of patients and caregivers. Please click on any journal to learn more. Also, you can use the search function below to find a specific journal for the patient you are looking for:
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Posted by Mary Anderson
After days of not sleeping well, waking up with stomach pains every day, I stopped taking pain meds … Read more
Home Alone!
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
Well hello heartland. Gary just went down into the darkness off the front porch on his way to work … Read more
Back home
Posted by Daniel Spurgeon
After nine months of research and imaging I am now the proud owner of a Dacron aorta. I'm … Read more
Post-Op Day 5
Posted by Michael Poe
Today I got to go to Walmart. I rode around in an electric chair the whole time we were there, boy … Read more
So far, so good.
Posted by Robert Osmachenko
Welcome to all my heart friends, hope you are all progressing well … Read more
Journal & Guestbook Posts Speed Up!!!
Posted by Adam Pick
In case you have yet to notice, we implemented a new program earlier today which greatly speeds up … Read more
Husband trying to help patient wife.
Posted by Chris Niederhaus
Hello … Read more

Posted by Ellen Flores
Hello new to the page, I have valve regurgitation, talking about doing something in December, a … Read more

Posted by Lynn Bush
I am nearly 3 weeks post op for robotic mitral valve repair. Curious about these symptoms I never … Read more
Once and For-all
Posted by Janelle Kimball
I will finally get a definitive answer to my ongoing shortness of breath. I am scheduled for an … Read more
Big day tomorrow
Posted by Tom Elliott
Thanks, everybody, for your continuing support … Read more
A consulta está próxima
Posted by Renata Cimoes
Na próxima quinta-feira saberemos a data da cirurgia do Joaquim. Esta ferramenta que encontrei nos … Read more

Posted by M Ratchford
I think this is where i put an updated journal but not sure so folks anything could happen now six … Read more
what are your symptoms like?
Posted by Debbie cross
I know many patients with regurgitation are asymptomatic.I have episodes fainting/heart racing/ … Read more
It just keeps getting better
Posted by Gary Mercer
My primary doc shaved off a skin lesion and sent it for biopsy. It came back squamous cell carcinoma … Read more
Thanks For The Feedback! Requested Changes Coming!
Posted by Adam Pick
Thanks for the feedback everybody on the new website! As I have shared with you, we are continuing … Read more

Posted by Sandy Poe
Well we got Michael home and all settled in and went for our walk two laps around the house with 5 … Read more
Posted by Susan Sperry
Can anyone tell me about their dealings with their insurance companies … Read more
Day #14 HOME
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
Well all of you out there wherever you are in "heartland". I am thinking of you all and trying to … Read more

Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
THANK YOU … Read more
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