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Going Home....Again!
Posted by Debbie cross
We are going home tomorrow and I am so excited! Tomorrow is our youngest 13th birthday! I still have … Read more

Posted by Lynn Bush
To post operative mitral valve repair patients......I am about 9 weeks out from robotic mitral valve … Read more
Update: The Save Button on the 'My Valve Story'
Posted by Adam Pick
Many thanks to Charlyn and Billy for catching the issue with the Save Button in the 'Edit My Valve … Read more
Four weeks
Posted by Kay Pate
Yesterday marked the first month past surgery. I am doing so much better than I expected! Wound has … Read more
Week 9 post op Mitral valve replacement(minimally invasive)
Posted by Nancy D
The past week has been the best yet! My husband's brother flew down for a visit from Maryland and … Read more

Posted by John Noriega
Well here I am one week post AVR and all is well. Pain is very evident, but I know it's part of the … Read more
I am here
Posted by Lillian Mark
I feel kind of good today and Terrie requested an update. Many times I have begun to check in with … Read more
Posted by Steven A Husted
Bernard Update
Posted by Bernard Willimann
Morning … Read more
"A Scar Is Born"
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
Most of you are probably too young to remember a cartoon that was in the Newspaper when I was young … Read more

Posted by Brian Holland
Hi Adam … Read more
6 days post op and doing well
Posted by Jason Gastwirth
Surgery couldn't have gotten any better. Got out of the ICU the day after and out of the hospital … Read more

Posted by Bernie McGleave
All prepared ready for surgery, pre meds given and then told I had urine tract infection and it … Read more
Hi Everyone:
Posted by D. Carol Moore
Carol here (Birmingham, AL)... 67 years old and have been retired for twenty months. Having two … Read more
2 days post op and doing good
Posted by Melinda Hacker
Today started out a bit rough. My blood count was down from some bleeding right after surgery. My … Read more
2 week post op
Posted by Olga Landry
Hello Everyone … Read more
recently diagnosed with aortic valve disorder
Posted by bob Greene
I was recently diagnosed by my family physician with avs we are going to monitor the progression for … Read more
Fatigue Question
Posted by Susan Ericsson
I'm not taking Tylenol with codeine any more, and I find I do have quite a bit of pain at night. Not … Read more
Background to surgery decision
Posted by Billy Embrey
Hi! I'm Billy's wife, Ann. He's asked me to help share his story, while he reads over my shoulder … Read more
Surgery details
Posted by Billy Embrey
Surgeon came to Dallas from the Cleveland Clinic to establish a Cardio-thoracic practice for heart- … Read more
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