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Out of Surgery
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
Good news. After almost 5-1/2 hours Terrie is now sitting in ICU recovery. The doctor just left me … Read more
Three months
Posted by leo cicero
Getting close to three months … Read more
Night before
Posted by Mary Anderson
And tomorrow I’ll go in and try this again … Read more
surprise call from the surgeon
Posted by Olga Landry
I got a call from the surgeon secretary.. I thought the phone call was to ask me to visit the … Read more
Current status
Posted by Mary Ellen Doherty
Hi … Read more
Thank you everyone
Posted by Mary Ann Espelage
I was so heartened to receive responses to my journal. I've never done anything like this. … Read more
We Finally Have Lift Off
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
Finally, after all the obstacles Terrie has endured this week, she has just been wheeled into … Read more
"Holding Pattern"
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
This in... Sitting on the runway ready for take off and ding a ling a ling. Santa Clara we have a … Read more
Terrie's Day - August 20 Incision Care
Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
I pray every one in the Heart Family keep Terrie in their prayers today, that her surgery be … Read more
Posted by David Warner
Being discharged today … Read more
Redo soon
Posted by Ann Jackson
I found out today it's time for my redo. Have been through extensive testing the last few weeks … Read more
one year anniversary
Posted by Sandra Wummer
Hello all. I just passed my one year anniversary of my second AVR. I am living with a homograph and … Read more
Cardiologist Visit & Begin Cardiac Rehab in a Week
Posted by Michael Meyer
Met with my cardiologist today and took me off more meds (omeprazole). Took out some residual … Read more
Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since surgery
Posted by Annette S. Gardner
I cannot wait to feel good again! Some days I struggle big time! I'm 49 & feel so rough & out of … Read more
1 week to go
Posted by Donna Broquet
Had pre-op testing done today. Aug. 25 is the big day, getting anxious … Read more
Talked to Dr. Windram.
Posted by Olga Landry
Dr Windram called me this evening. He just confirmed everything I knew before. I am going to get a … Read more
Post Op 11 week Anxiety
Posted by Mary Ann Espelage
I went into my decision to finally have the Aortic Valve Replacement surgery with laser focus. In a … Read more
7 weeks post
Posted by Barbara Hoth
Friends and family … Read more
How long until you don't need a daily nap?
Posted by Joseph Skeba
Cant wait til I feel normal again…this need to nap everyday is not like me. I don't have much … Read more
Current status
Posted by Mary Ellen Doherty
Spoke with mom this afternoon … Read more
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