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Here are the most recent Heart Valve Journals posted by members of our growing community of patients and caregivers. Please click on any journal to learn more. Also, you can use the search function below to find a specific journal for the patient you are looking for:
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6 weeks!
Posted by Cassie Fairbourn
Wow...time sure does fly! I cannot believe its been six weeks since my heart valve replacement … Read more
Just under five weeks....
Posted by Darryl Harrington
Hi … Read more
My new Mitral Valve(Elsie) is 1 year old today
Posted by Jean Cook
I woke up this morning and Thanked God. I am feeling great. I went to the hospital today and had a … Read more
First Surgeon's consultation
Posted by Matt O.
Met my first surgeon, Dr. Joshua Baker at Mass General. He really made a great first impression on … Read more
9 Weeks Post Op
Posted by Susan Muhly
Hi Everyone … Read more
Scheduling of Surgery and Surgeon Consult
Posted by Alan Kurkulonis
Received a call from my Surgeons office, to remind me, that we have an appointment on Friday for pre … Read more
Cardiologist Visit
Posted by Alan Kurkulonis
Had an appointment with Cardiologist for routine checkup before we go on vacation. After having an … Read more
Cath Results
Posted by Michelle Davison
Just wanted to update any and all who are wondering. I had my heart cath last Wed and we had no … Read more
Posted by Peter Hasselbach
Next Thursday, April 10th is my day. I am quite nervous. Many family and friends reside in the … Read more
Surgery date for 2nd replacement aortic valve
Posted by Lynn Quast
We'll got my surgery date ... April 9th . I will check in the morning of the 8th and get a heart … Read more
Psychological Recovery vs Physical Recovery
Posted by Andrea Loeffler
Hi all … Read more
48 hours till Surgery
Posted by Mary Jo Froehlig
After three months of testing and planning, I am quickly approaching aortic and mitral valve … Read more
Cat scan
Posted by Gary Peluso
Went in for cat scan of aorta, all is well nothing there to interfere with procedure!! At least one … Read more
Just finished the book
Posted by Janet Rider
It's amazing what information does to help control anxiety. Sorta sad I'm done! Reality sets in: 14 … Read more
Recently found out my valve is deteriorating
Posted by Matt O.
My latest visit to my cardiologist showed the regurgitation from my bi-cuspid valve was getting … Read more
first day of cardiac rehab. fine until it ended. very weak.
Posted by James Wolf
this is my first day of cardiac rehab. I felt that I had taken it fairly easy. But when I was done … Read more
Home Free
Posted by Matt Hoyord
Rejoicing yet again this morning after receiving the news that dad will be heading home this morning … Read more
The day is finally here
Posted by cheree sanjulian
Sitting in the editing room now thinking positive thoughts but so nervous at the same time , not … Read more
Posted by cheree sanjulian
Well tomorrow is finally the day . Just got done with shower number one ,number two is before I … Read more
12 weeks out and had the best week ever
Posted by Annette Corbett
I finally felt all systems go. Sure, tired after a long day and night of work last night but I was … Read more
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