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September 22, 2014 - quiet work
Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
Just checking in. I am doing fine. Only lost my composure once today when a call from accountant … Read more

Posted by Joseph Ballett
Well 3 more little jobs done tonight ,got to keep giving it only way i know . Better to burn out … Read more
Our New Notification Dashboard Goes Live!!!
Posted by Adam Pick
Hi everybody! With the relaunch of our website, we are adding several new features to our community … Read more
alive and ticking💗
Posted by Lillian Mark
I am having problems posting. ...so quick.thank all of you for your thoughts.💟 I tried several … Read more
No surprises here.
Posted by Janet Underwood
It's official. My family is not going to "be there" for me before, during, or after this surgery, … Read more

Posted by Joseph Ballett
Wow got the call today at 10am , operation is now booked for the sept. 30. at first they asked if I … Read more
6 Months Later...
Posted by Cami Munk
So, six months and 18 days ago, I had my aortic valve replacement surgery. So far, I've … Read more
My lame driver
Posted by Debbie cross
Phillip was released from the hospital last Thursday.He has a tear in his calf muscle and a hemotoma … Read more

Posted by Karen Sievers
Four more days until my surgery. Have pre-op on the 24th and surgery at 7:30 am on the 25th. Still … Read more

Posted by Lenore Mitchell
I'm in Colorado and hoping to have mitral valve repair at Cleveland clinic, I have an evaluation … Read more
Trying to keep connections, but losing track quickly.
Posted by Karen Pineda
I feel like I've lost track of many of the people I formed connections with since joining this site … Read more
Questions for post-op
Posted by John Noriega
A few questions that have come to mind for post-op when I return home … Read more

Posted by Susan Sperry
Adam … Read more
Adam's Book
Posted by Liidia Wootten
If you haven't gotten to read Adam's book - don't wait, GET IT! I got a copy which arrived … Read more

Posted by Shanna Farley-Judkins
I also just read the book in about two days and am thinking about making a list of "to-dos" before … Read more
Surgeon Meeting in One Week
Posted by Shanna Farley-Judkins
I am one week away from meeting my heart valve surgeon Dr. Kochumba, at Kaiser Los Angeles … Read more

Posted by Howard Herman
would like more opinions on getting an electric lift chair after my mitral valve repair. coming up … Read more
Thinking ahead,
Posted by Robert Greenwood
New to the site and new to the discovery of needing heart surgery. But I an glad to see there is … Read more
Posted by Christine Pittelli
Do most of you suggest renting a recliner to sleep in for recovery when returning home? Sounds like … Read more
Sábado. Saturday
Posted by Renata Cimoes
Tentando fazer a vida normal, mas a expectativa é enorme. Pedimos orações para que Joaquim faça … Read more
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