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Posted by Rosemary Hopper
well my surgery date is getting closer. Oct. 30 th now. be so glad when it's over … Read more
3 weeks after surgery
Posted by Charles Vlcek
Three weeks after aortic valve replacement I'm doing good I've been driving and grocery shopping so … Read more
Another favorite
Posted by Tammy Pilcher
I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvelous works. Psalms … Read more
Jobb is a four letter word.
Posted by Mirtha Driver
While it is lovely and great that I do what I love for a living (teach), I feel like it's just too … Read more
My Heart Beating Strong!
Posted by David Alejandro
Just signed up today. Diagnosed with a Mitral Valve Prolapse in 1977. Mostly asymptomatic except for … Read more
T-1, Tomorrows the Big Day
Posted by Pat B.
Just wanted to thank everyone on this site for sharing their stories, challenges, and triumphs as … Read more
Home from hospital one week today
Posted by Susan Ericsson
Home one week and want to say a huge THANK YOU to Adam and every one of you who has shared your … Read more
Ha !
Posted by Susan Sperry
Ha ! Turns out there is a conference in Cleveland the week I have surgery and many hotels are … Read more
Has anyone had these questions?
Posted by Joan876 Howard
Questioning a decision to have surgery out of town (if it is needed … Read more
Times are a Changing
Posted by Linda Hillman
Hi All, I never thought this would be happening to me. As you all know my daughter Stephanie Spencer … Read more
Posted by Clare Auten
Well, I met my first goal today. I completed a half marathon. Not my first (9th)...not my fastest ( … Read more
Pre surgery worries
Posted by Joan Lovell
Surgery oct 23. Re repair or replacement of mitral valve and one by pass. Drs think first emergency … Read more

Posted by Christine Pittelli
Hi all, I have a question. I am doing well, but have one thing bothering me, and wanted to ask if … Read more
Doing well.
Posted by Chris Benjamin
5 Days in the hospital flew by. Each day I feel better and better … Read more
Day 1 on this blog but day 9 after surgery.
Posted by John Northrup
I must say that I do enjoy reading the comments, they help. This is all very new and sudden for me … Read more
T-29 hrs. Last night home with a broken heart.
Posted by Bernard Willimann
Saturday Night. Just put the kids down and everyone is asleep.... My Mom is now in NY Living with … Read more
getting ready
Posted by Tammy Pilcher
I had my heart cath yesterday and got good news. No blockages and even though the aorta is a little … Read more
Week 3 up to today-week 8! (I am not a good journal writer!)
Posted by Nancy D
My recovery is not how I imagined it … Read more
Custom cardiac rehab
Posted by Daniel Spurgeon
I know a lot of us patients are slowly regaining our cardio after surgery and wanted to share my … Read more
Toprol Reduced from 50 mg to 25 mg
Posted by Michael Meyer
I reduced my beta blocker and am down to one last week. Friday was a little touch in rehab. I am … Read more
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