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Posted by Charlyn Cabacoy
Hello every one … Read more
Bernard Day Three Update
Posted by Bernard Willimann
Today so far … Read more
A thought to share
Posted by Joan Lovell
When i had valve repair surgery. 12 years ago the heart pillow didn't work for me . My breasts are … Read more
Street legal
Posted by Tom Elliott
I had my six weeks post- op conference with Dr Couper, my surgeon, yesterday, and everything looks … Read more
Tomorrow's the day
Posted by Joan Lovell
Tomorrow's the day. I have fears with anasthesia even for minor procedures. Fear of not waking up . … Read more
Finally have a profile picture
Posted by Clare Auten
I got a new phone and was finally able to post a picture. Not many to choose from so I picked one of … Read more
2 weeks post surgery!
Posted by Erica Eberl
I had my first post-op visit today and everything looks good. My incision has a minor infection, so … Read more
post poned
Posted by Stephanie Spencer
Well should be in surgery today. But caught an upper respitory infection so as soon as Im all better … Read more

Posted by Pat DeBruce
I had my surgery on July 16, 2014. I have been back to work since September 14. I continue to grow … Read more
post surgery help
Posted by Susan Sperry
I'm wondering how long I will post surgery help? I live alone but have family/friends that will … Read more
Day 14
Posted by Joseph Ballett
Well i am at day 14 now , fist day of totally being alone, kids are in school and wife has gone to … Read more
Bernard's Update
Posted by Bernard Willimann
Good Morning All … Read more

Posted by Jayne Martinko
Every morning, I get up take my 11 week old bulldog out, pour myself a cup of coffee and catch up on … Read more
Two weeks post-op today!!
Posted by Lulu Muscarella Marrotte
Today I am two weeks post-op from my mini mitral valve repair, and I'm feeling really good. I had … Read more
Tempo, tempo, tempo. Time, time, time
Posted by Renata Cimoes
É impressionante o que o tempo nos faz. Parece que a cada dia, as minhas energias são renovadas, … Read more
On The Mend!!!
Posted by John Noriega
Well, here we are after a successful AVR! Spent 3 days in ICU - no beds in TMU! In a room now, just … Read more

Posted by Sherry Bradford
Coming up on my second year anniversary! My husband and I are going to San Diego to celebrate. … Read more
a little nervous
Posted by Tammy Pilcher
I picked up my reports today to take to appt. with Dr. Accola, surgeon, next Monday. It is the … Read more

Posted by Gary Mercer
I saw my surgeon today and until they are ready to start and change their mind I will having robotic … Read more
Posted by Christine Pittelli
Hi Everyone … Read more
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