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Current status
Posted by Mary Ellen Doherty
Spoke to mom this afternoon … Read more

Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
As for me, I was doing a lot better until I had my second home health PT visit. Between the … Read more
Terrie S Dismissed late on Aug 25, 2014 - Will Post Later
Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
Terrie was dismissed some time yesterday and still have a 2 hours ride home! She has some pain … Read more
Walking again
Posted by Michael Poe
I've been walking every day so far since I've started. I still get real tight achy calves. They tend … Read more
Pins/prickly feeling
Posted by Lynn Quast
At my last visit to my cardiologist I told him I had numbness/ prickly feeling in my fingers and he … Read more
Posted by Kay Pate
I hate the wait. Gives me more time to get nervous and worried. I was ready for 9/10 surgery, but … Read more
Successful surgery, but still in hospital
Posted by Mary Anderson
My surgery was a success. The team was able to repair my own mitral valve and it’s a thing of … Read more

Posted by Lillian Mark
Trouble navigating site to find supports I follow .....Lynn, Mia, Terrie, Olga, Mary, and all of … Read more
blood thinners together with bleeding disorder
Posted by Lillian Mark
HI … Read more
Posted by Lillian Mark
I had my TEE 3d today...I have had them before and they are unable to sedate me if any of you … Read more

Posted by Joseph Skeba
Is an elevated heart rate normal after aortic valve replacement? If so how long does it take to … Read more
Need suggestions on arotic valve surgery surgeons in NY area
Posted by Keshava Murthy
My husband is 72 years, has been getting monitored for bicuspid aortic stenosis … Read more
Meeting with the Surgeon first time since surgery?
Posted by Thomas Campbell
Anyone have any advice on questions to ask my surgeon when I meet with him post-op? It's been 5 … Read more
It's Me
Posted by Mary Ellen Doherty
Dear Gary, Was so glad to hear from you and delighted to hear that Terri is up in her chair. Let … Read more
Posted by Angelo Varrone
You are all probably aware of the ALS Challenge that's getting amazing attention across the country … Read more

Posted by Rebecca McGrath
I've been messing about with my pain meds trying to drop the hardcore pain meds at 5 weeks post … Read more
A little update!
Posted by Rebecca McGrath
I'm moving along quite well at the moment. It's nearly 5 weeks since my surgery date! I can't … Read more
Earthquake August 24, 2014
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
Terrie was jolted awake at 4 this morning by the 6.0 magnitude earthquake that struck about 75 miles … Read more
Posted by Mike Nunes
Healing has been going well, I am almost 2 weeks out at this point, but have been suffering from … Read more
Posted by Mary Ellen Doherty
I'm helping mom out right now. Still in a bit of an "anthesia fog". She is so glad to be home and is … Read more
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