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Here are the most recent Heart Valve Journals posted by members of our growing community of patients and caregivers. Please click on any journal to learn more. Also, you can use the search function below to find a specific journal for the patient you are looking for:
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Posted by David Brunkhorst
Happy Halloween! Keep on ticking … Read more
Getting used to thunking/sound of mech valve
Posted by Sally Biles
Hi, this is my first post. I am six months post surgery, and am back to having a healthy heart … Read more

Posted by Kathryn Waymire
Hi Adam, I had to rejoin your page . For some reason everything was deleted lol. Glad to be back … Read more
Whoowee It's Day 14!
Posted by John Noriega
It is now two weeks since my surgery. I kept looking for that truck full of cinder blocks that was … Read more
Posted by Tammy Pilcher
We got to see her,we couldn't believe the vent tube was already out and she was propped up in bed … Read more
All Hallows Eve, 2014 Three months today
Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
I am so grateful to be three months out from surgery and enjoying cardiac rehab. I have also had … Read more
To work
Posted by Charles Vlcek
I saw the cardiologist on Tuesday I've been released to go back to work with no restrictions today … Read more
To work
Posted by Charles Vlcek
I saw the cardiologist on Tuesday I've been released to go back to work with no restrictions today … Read more
bump bump bump
Posted by Steven A Husted
my heart is beating what a strange feeling before ohs i could not hear my heart beating and even … Read more
Heart Healthy Football Weekend in Ohio
Posted by Kenny Knox
The Buckeyes are 6-1 and the Browns are 4-3. With both teams looking to expand on their winning … Read more
Surgery is over
Posted by Tammy Pilcher
Doctor came out at 11:00, said everything went well. He said the valve was severely calcified, but … Read more
At hospital now
Posted by Tammy Pilcher
They are getting her ready now, she will be his first case at 7:00. I will post again when we hear … Read more

Posted by tracy west
Hi everyone, i know it's been a while but i had my aorta valve replacement surgery in march of this … Read more
Posted by Tammy Pilcher
This is Tammy's sister, Tina just making sure I can post for her … Read more
pre-op done
Posted by Tammy Pilcher
Finished pre-op and have to be at hospital at 5:30 tomorrow. My sister, Tina, will post for me … Read more

Posted by Joseph Ballett
Wishing you all the best tomorrow Tammy Pilcher will be thinking of you . You'll do great … Read more
Surgery on my plate and I am terrified
Posted by Ericka Carlson
I have a bicuspid aortic valve, it's been stable for as many years as I can remember, barely any … Read more
well finally
Posted by Steven A Husted
i finally got my picture posted i have a pretty good time with my pets my dog a bedlington terrier … Read more
Recovering from the Catheter
Posted by Richard Cohen
This process is rather humbling. Keep feeling like a wuss … Read more

Posted by Laura Brase
"Don't worry about anything; instead pray about everything; tell God your needs and don't forget to … Read more
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