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Here are the most recent Heart Valve Journals posted by members of our growing community of patients and caregivers. Please click on any journal to learn more. Also, you can use the search function below to find a specific journal for the patient you are looking for:
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Update on Mary
Posted by Mary Myers
Hi … Read more
August 1st
Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
We saw my Mom this morning. She was sitting in a chair next to her hospital bed! They had moved her … Read more
"Where Have All The Surgeons Gone"?
Posted by Robert Osmachenko
A heart felt "Hello" to all of you … Read more
Day 3 of Recovery
Posted by Mary Myers
Hi everyone … Read more
Feeling Overwhelmed
Posted by Karen Pineda
I know I've not been present very much over the past week but I have been keeping any eye out and … Read more
Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
Mom is still in the ICU and will be there at least part of the day tomorrow. We got to spend some … Read more
Overwhelmed! Just Plain Overwhelmed!
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
As you might guess....I am completely and utterly overwhelmed with Joy/wonderment & thanks … Read more
Aortic valve replaced
Posted by travis brown
Well I haven't posted in awhile. I ended up getting the mechanical valve on July 1st. I went to Dr … Read more
Surgery Date Set! Aug 6th .. next Wednesday
Posted by Victor Williams
Well … Read more
Posted by Lynn Quast
Well my body seems to be so much better, but my mind not so much. I'm not devastatingly depressed … Read more
Surgery Day
Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
The surgery "Went Well!" said her surgeon! YAY … Read more
Interesting decisions
Posted by Rob Broley
Mechanical vs tissue … Read more
Enjoying the summer evening.
Posted by Olga Landry
I am just sitting out side my apartment listening to the birds singing. Thinking this time next week … Read more
Surgery Tomorrow
Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
Supposed to be sleeping but just wanted to let you all know how indebted I feel to you, for I know … Read more
Post-Surgery Update
Posted by Mary Myers
Hello Heart Sisters and Brothers … Read more
Caveat to my previous posting
Posted by Eleanor R
I forgot to preface my information with the fact that you may or may not have the same experience. … Read more
Things to do and prepare before surgery
Posted by Eleanor R
Every one of us is different, with different at home support systems and daily activity. I am a … Read more
Posted by Steven A Husted
i am so greatful for this web site i have been reading these journals day and night and i am getting … Read more
Great Cath Results on Count Up Day 29 of 42
Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
Prayers continue to be answered and we are so thankful for all who are continuing to pray. Today my … Read more
Less than a month
Posted by Donna Broquet
Less than a month to go before Mitral Valve Repair in Chicago. Daily thoughts of what life will be … Read more
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