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Day 2 , discharge & today from Minimally invasive MV Replace
Posted by Nancy D
Apparently I am not a good journal writer. Time goes by and I have good intentions, but just haven' … Read more
8 weeks after surgery - what has changed?
Posted by Eleanor R
There is so much difference between pre and post surgery, and even more between week 1 and now today … Read more
Dental Cleanings and Antibiotics
Posted by Karen Pineda
Is anyone else having trouble getting doctors to understand that you don't really care that the … Read more
Quiet Day - Waiting for the Rain - Labor Day 2014
Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
Talking to Jim this morning I realized that this is one month out for me! Yes, I am so glad it is … Read more
Aortic Stenosis and Sleep Apnea
Posted by Karen Pineda
As some of you may know, my surgery is not being scheduled just yet, the doctors feel I have time as … Read more
delete double post?
Posted by Mary Anderson
Okay, I’m usually pretty good at these things, but I’m baffled by this one! I’ve double-posted … Read more

Posted by Mark Lonsway
First time to post. Surgery set for sept 3rd at cle clinic … Read more
Mitral valve surgery oct
Posted by Gary Mercer
Just as nervous about heart cath as pending surgery … Read more
Here's what I know......
Posted by Jason Leber
April 2014 I saw my GP for a regular check up and to investigate some heart palpitations and fatigue … Read more
Quiet Sunday!
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
Sunday Aug. 31st. started out pretty slow. Seemed to be sleeping better now that I have … Read more
The Rest of the Story
Posted by Charlie Brinkman
After two sleepless nights and two miserable days, I called the Cleveland Clinic’s hotline for … Read more
Sensitive New Scar?? - Possible Solution
Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
I have a Mini Z, as Tony C-P, would call it, but the incision the one most irritating part of the … Read more
Two Years and Five Months Since My Open Heart Surgery
Posted by Tia Phillips
It has been almost two years since I have made a journal entry, but I have often read the updates of … Read more

Posted by Sandy Poe
I am Michaels wife Sandy and have been sort of watching and reading your posts thru Michael he gets … Read more
Meds Revision
Posted by Michael Meyer
Trying to stop the tylenol today, see how it goes. Down to aspirin and the beta blocker … Read more
a confused future caregiver
Posted by Sandy Poe
hiya everyone … Read more
web site question
Posted by Susan Sperry
When I go to follow someone, I enter my email address, enter and it comes up a white screen. There … Read more
The journey continues....
Posted by David Warner
I mentioned a few days back that I developed a bit of a nasty rash. They took me off the amiodarone … Read more
I had hoped for just one more story...
Posted by David Warner
then maybe a couple of notes on how the warafin was coming along and word on the post op visits and … Read more
Posted by Olga Landry
Good Morning everyone … Read more
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