Trivia: How Many iPads Does It Take To Run A Heart Valve Webinar?

We just had a great webinar about mitral valve repair surgery. (FYI, I’ll be posting the transcript and video shortly.)

Interestingly… Just before the webinar, Robyn, my wife, walked by make-shift desk in the living room.  She laughed and said to me, “Really? Do you really need all of those iPads and other stuff for the webinar? I need to get a picture of this!”

So, just how many iPads does it take to run a webinar? Take a look at the picture below for your answer.

My Desk 5 Minutes Before The Webinar

As you can see… During the webinar, I was doing my best to monitor 6 different Apple products at one time – 4 iPads, 1 Macbook and 1 iPhone.

For all of you Apple shareholders out there, I hope this made your day!


Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of

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  • Paul K

    Kind of ironic that we need to do arithmetic to leave a reply since 4+1+1=6, not 7, but thanks for all the work you do on this topic. Your book and blog are a valuable resource.

  • Paul,

    Thanks for the helping out on that complex equation. I just made the correction.



  • Denise

    Hi Adam, I totally missed the webinar last week:(. We were vacationing in FL with our kids and grandkids and I lost track of time. I am just curious if there was any feedback on the questions I sent in regarding my moderate regurg post surgery? If so, is it possible for you te send it to me? Thank you! Denise

  • Janet

    Hi Adam: I was diagnosed with LBBB (Left BUndle Branch Block) on my EKG and was given a Chemical Stress Test. The results of that test showed mild aortic valve regurgitation and also tricuspid regurgitation. My Cardiologist does not want to see me again unless, of course, I have any symptoms. My Cardiologist said see your Internist once a year and if there was a problem I would then make an appointment to see him. Question: With LBBB if I ever needed to repair my aortic valve or tricuspid valve would this be a problem? Thank you – Janet

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