Technology Update: Your Smartphone and Your Heart

In one simple word… Amazing!

(Sorry about the 30-second commercial at the beginning. There is nothing I can do to remove that.)

I love when Dr. Topal says:

The patient of tomorrow is the biggest switch. People need to take ownership. Patients need to seize the moment and seize the data. The new medication is plugged into you. You’ve got the information that you never had before. Wouldn’t you like that information? Most patients would.

Again… Amazing!

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of

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  • Rob R

    Thank you Adam for sharing this clip! I hadn’t seen it. I’m big into the ‘quantified-self’ movement and believe that empowering patients with data and telecommunications technologies will be a significant way that healthcare improves and evolves in the near future. I currently track my INR, blood pressure, heart rate, and weight and feel that being able to share this information with my health-care providers helps me be pro-active in monitoring my health conditions and can help with my health safety and care.

  • Lisa Scalise

    This newsletter and updates I receive are priceless ! It has help us with our 8 yr old sons heart surgery . This newsletter is amazon ! Thank you for always being their with such informative information . We are now trying to educate our selves on the blood testing we will soon be doing . Our son Salvatore will be having his 2nd. Surgery march 20 at Colombia in NYC . His first surgery was totally unsuccessful it was for repair ( did not hold) we were in worst shape before even leaving hospital first surgery . Then 2 twice on emergency for constant fluid build up due to surgery ! We have been on such a difficult jorney not only for Salvatore but emotionally for our whole family . Your newsletter has really help in so many ways . Thank you!

  • Shannon Garrison

    Thank you Adam for the medical smartphone video, so amazing! I have a bicupsid aorta along with 4 other family members and I am also an emergency room RN here in New Orleans. I sent to my father who is a pediatrician also! I would love to help revolutionize healthcare with this smartphone technology as a patient and an RN! Keep up your awesome work educating us!

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