Shelly Celebrates Her First Anniversary After Mitral Valve Repair!

I’ve said it before and, hopefully, I will be saying it again…. I love hearing from the patients in our community after their surgeries!

This time, Shelly Gould, from Redding, California, sent me a collage of her first anniversary from mitral valve repair. Doctor Luis Castro from Sequoia Heart & Vascular Institute performed Shelly’s surgery.

Shelly Gould - Mitral Valve Repair Patient of Dr. Luis Castro

Congratulations to Shelly!!!

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of

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  • cindy

    Congrats on your 1 year anniversary! Many more to follow, God willing. I just passed my 4 year anniversary.

  • Kim C

    Congrats on your I year anniversary! It’s Mine too! It feels like my birthday. Thank you to my husband most of alll who after thirty years showed me again why I am so lucky he is my husband…he has stood by through some thick but also some very thin times in this journey. I wish you many many more anniversaries of this important day! Kim c.

  • Judy P

    My 22 year old just had his aortic valve replaced on Oct. 9th. He is home and on the mend. It makes me happy to know that his life can pick up where he left off and live a long and happy life. Congrats on your anniversary and may you have many,many more.

  • Ricky(a female)

    Bravo Shelly,Happy second birth day, day……..That’s what I call mine…….TEN YEARS in
    January. Welcome to our ,”zipper club”.

  • Pat

    Hi Shelly, Congratulations on your first anniversary!!! It’s been 5 years for me and each year gets better! Take care and many, many more anniversaries to you!


  • JP

    Congratulations,this year is my 41 st aniversary valve replacement, only 40 years for you to go

  • Valerie Carroccia

    Shelly, my best to your continued heart health. October 11th, was my one-year mitral valve anniversary too. I am fine and everyday is a new beginning, with lots to be thankful for.
    May we have many more!!!!

    Warmest regards,


  • Scott

    Congrats on the anniversary! its been two months for me and doing great…

  • Ricky(a female)

    I am totally blown away at J.P.’s 40 th Anniversary!!!! WELL DONE!!!! Let’s all stay
    healthy,and happy!!!

  • Shelly

    Hello Friends at Heart!
    So neat to know that Kim C, Valerie and myself were all in the same boat-Happy Heart Birthday Girls!!!
    Great to be encouraged by others fantastic outcomes JP-41 years!!!, Ricky-10 yrs!!, Pat-5 yrs!, Cindy-4 yrs! You are all wonderful inspirations!
    As for Scott at 2 mos and doing great, that is such good news! Congratulations!
    To Judy P, many good wishes for your son and hope he continues to heal and get stronger with each day!
    Sending healthy, happy, and thankful best wishes to all…

  • John Wingert

    Congradulations to you Shelly, Rock on!
    I’m a newbee. I’ll be having my Mitral valve “hopefully repaired” in about a month.
    I’m 53 and scared, but, have read Adam’s book and read many accounts of the success stories and have faith I too will find a way as you and all the other have.
    I’m greatful to you and the others for sharing your stories. It is very encourageing.
    I going forward with the notion as the saying goes…..God wouldn’t bring us to it……….. if he wouldn’t bring us through it.

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