In Memory of Kelly

When starting a post like this, I don’t really know what to say… Or, how to say it.

That said, I am very sad and sorry to inform our community that Kelly Nugent passed away on Wednesday.  As Katrina, her cousin, shared with me, “Kelly fought a long, hard fight after experiencing multiple, post-operative complications including excessive bleeding and infection. Following her heart surgery, several additional surgeries were needed to address the bleeding, the infection, and remove her gall bladder — which may have been the source of the infection. But, no one is really sure.”

This was the second major health issue for Kelly during her life. Twenty-five years ago, Kelly survived Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Needless to say, my thoughts and prayers are with Emma, Kelly’s mom, and her entire family.

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of

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  • Janis Kielbasa

    My thoughts and prayers with Kelly’s mom, family and friends. I am so sorry for your loss. Janis Kielbasa

  • Phyllis Rowan

    My sincerest sympathies are with Kelly’s family. May loving memories sustain you.

  • Tom Haynie

    I am deeply saddened to learn of Kelly’s passing. As a Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor of 29 years and AVR patient with complications, this sad news hits very close to home for me. My heartfelt sympathies go to her family who will certainly be missed.

  • Lynda Knopf BS/RN

    A lovely,strong,brave,admirable young woman has sadly passed on in peace.The photo of dear Kelly and her dear mother Emma exemplifies the beauty of a gentle,loving mother/daughter bond.Kelly will forever live on in the hearts of her loved ones and all we present heart blog members……Thank You Adam for your difficult, kind, extremely sad message.

  • Fran zilko

    I am so sorry to learn of Kelly’s death. She won the hearts of many of us with her courage and faith. We have no answer to why these things happen. We do have to believe that God has a plan for all of us. Know that we grieve with you.


  • Jeanette

    With sadness and heartfelt sympathy…Much too young, so beautiful and brave; Kelly will always be an inspiration to those fortunate enough to know her. Blessings..

  • Tim

    Words cannot express how sorry I am that she was taken from this life at such a young age. May God bless Kelly and her family and friends during this very dificult time 🙁


  • Carol

    I feel so devastated to read of this sad news. It only reminds us that young people die every day from valvular heart disease. I was praying for Kelly & lit a candle for her in my parish. I will continue to pray for Kelly, her family, & friends at this most difficult time. May she rest in peace.
    Sending love & prayers,
    Carol Lang
    Miami, Florida

  • Maria Williams

    I am so sorry to read this sad news. I have been praying for Kelly and wondering how she was doing. Her positive outlook was such an inspiration; what a courageous young woman. My thoughts and prayers go to her Mom, family & friends. May God bless Kelly.
    Maria Williams

  • Steve McDowell

    Several weeks ago when I read Kelly’s blog I was touched and impressed with her appreciation of life and her optimism about life in general. My prayers are with Kelly’s family.

  • Georgia Thiemann

    I am so very sorry to hear of Kelly’s passing. My thoughts and prayers are with Kelly, her mother and family as they have been since her surgery.
    Georgia Thiemann

  • Nancy Welch

    I’m so sorry. Kelly is a stranger and I have cried for her tonight. Only a very few people shine so brightly they touch even those who didn’t know them. Your Kelly was one.

  • Ricky(a female)

    Very sorry to hear that Kelly lost her fight.She had other
    complications also.One can only hope that through Kelly’s loss
    her Drs. and others involved in her treatments will have learned
    new things about her complications with heart and N-H.Lymphoma.
    Prayers to the family.

  • zoie

    My heartbbreaks and tears cant stop pouring down my face. I continue to pray for you and your family. I didnt know u but you touched my heart. May our heavenly lord bless you and your family always.

  • Mary Ferraro

    Robert and I are so sorry for your loss. We prayed every day for God to please help her get better but her work here was done and even though I never really knew her I cried for her this morning. She wrote with such courage. May she now rest in peace. I will continue to pray for Kelly and all who loved her.

  • Georgia Young

    My prayers and sympathy to Kelly’s family. So very sorry.

    Georgia Young

  • Donald Henry

    It saddens me to learn of Kelly’s passing. There were so many prayers for Kelly. She was a courageous young lady and has endured so much in her young life. May she Rest In Peace and my condolences go out to Kelly’s family.

  • Dave Fuduric

    I am very sorry to hear of Kelly’s passing. Her courage and faith are a great inspiration. I will continue to pray for her and that her family and friends be comforted during this difficult time.

  • Roberta

    This is devastating news. I am keeping Kelly’s family in my thoughts and prayers. Such a vibrant and beautiful soul.
    This kind of news is not easy to share so thank you Adam.

  • Cindy

    News of Kelly’s passing has my chest feeling like a rock has been placed there. My thoughts and prayers go out to her mother Emma & family. Praying for Kelly’s peace & for comfort & healing to all those close to her.

  • Pat

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Kelly. My prayers are with her family.

  • joshua,marie,chloe

    We are so sad to hear this.I talked to kelly 2 days before she was to into the heart valve replacement,she was so calm and relaxed .she will be missed by our family.

  • Carol

    I don’t know what religion Kelly & her family are (not that it matters). But I just want you all to know that I offered up my prayers today at Mass for Kelly. It’s amazing how we can be complete strangers from all over this country, yet united in our love & prayers for Kelly & her family. I simply can’t get her out of my mind.

  • Amanda Tuttle

    My thoughts and prayers are with Kellys family and friends.

  • Diane Horsak

    I am so sorry over the loss of Kelly. My thoughts and prayers go to the family and friends. God Bless, Diane Horsak

  • Kim C

    Wishing that I could think of something really special to write to offer to Kellys family and friends to comfort them,and I simply cannot think of anything worthy….but I do want to let Kellys family know I am thinking of them and I am so sorry. Kellys journal inspired me many times. My heart goes out to you, Kim C

  • Rob R

    Was very saddened to hear about Kelly’s struggle and of her passing. Thank you Adam for kindly sharing the news of her challenge and of her loss, that’s not easy to do. I didn’t know her at all but felt connected to her in sending thoughts and prayers for her recovery and healing. I have a similar history to Kelly of late-effects of lymphoma treatment at a young age being related to heart valve disease later in life and have recently had AVR. My thoughts for healing are with her Mom, family, and friends in remembering Kelly’s gift of life.

  • Don Cannon

    My deepest sympathies to Kelly’s family and friends. Our lives a truly fleeting, and the more we reach out
    and touch others (as with Adam’s blog) the more we know we are not alone.

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