Baby Gabe’s Inspiring Story Warms My… Heart

Typically, I try to keep anything with political or religious overtones outside of this blog. However, every so often I find myself touched in a way that forces me to bypass this approach (pun intended). That said, earlier today, my sister sent me this inspiring video about Baby Gabriel that warmed my heart and flushed my eyes with joyful tears.

After watching the video, I hope you can understand why I thought it appropriate to share this wonderful story. Thanks to all of Gabe’s doctors, especially Dr. Pedro Del Nido, Chief of Cardiac Surgery at Children’s Hospital Boston.

Dr. Pedro Del Nido, Heart Surgeon

If you would like to contact Dr. Pedro Del Nido, please call 617-355-8290 or email him at

Keep on tickin’ Gabe!!!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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  • Fran

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of ultimate faith. In spite of all the odds these brave parents now have a healthy son. Living testimony that with God, all things are possible.

  • Duane Hunt

    Wow, after watching that video I am emotionally spent! What a miracle! Thanks for sharing that Adam! I can understand your general policies, but this is so inspiring. Of course, you know, being a pastor, I’m all about it! Thanks again, Adam, for all you have done to empower patients facing heart valve surgery. You rock!

  • Cynthia

    Thank you for choosing to post this inspiring video. It is a good reminder that although things can be beyond our control there is Someone who is.

  • Carla

    What a wonderful testimony of a couple’s faith in the Lord and His promises… witnessing the faithful, miraculous hand of the Lord! Impossible to keep a dry eye through this story. God is in control and with Him all things are possible!
    Thanks for sharing this story Adam.

  • MJ Samer

    This was beautiful and touching! I was crying my eyes out and so pleased at the happy ending. I, too, believe in the power of prayer and am an adult congenital heart patient survivor (but not w/so much as this child had to endure). I’ve only had 3 heart surgeries… What amazing strength his family had and excellent skills his surgeons possessed. Thank you for having the courage to share his story on your website.

  • debbie

    Beautiful…..and those of us who have had heart surgery know that while many of the photos included in that video are of happy family times…these parents went through much struggle, stress and tears….but thankfully it all turned out just the way they hoped, and prayed.
    What a hopeful video and I thank you for sharing it….and for Gabriels parents for sharing their hope and story!

  • Miriam

    Thanks for sharing this lovely video! What an inspirational story! To think that this family went against all odds and because of their belief in God and commitment to life they are told years later by the surgeon that because of Gabe others will have success. What hope!

  • Russ Tomlin

    Nothing can stop the power of the Lord. Trust in the Lord and he will deliver. This video was very inspiring and the face of Gabe is like the face of an angel. I wish him all the best and may the Lord always protect and keep him.

  • Debbie Johnston

    Hi Adam,
    I am Gabe’s mom and I want to thank you for sharing our son’s story. Gabe has just celebrated his seventh birthday and he continues to do well!

    Dr. Del Nido is an incredible surgeon and an amazing person. Words can never express our gratitude for him and his staff.

    You can visit Gabe at
    Debbie Johnston

  • kim

    My name is Kim, and my son Will, was in the above video( one of Gabes friends who went to Boston after him, Im the other mom with Dr del Nido).
    We met Debbie through the internet and she encouraged us to go to Boston. Our son had already had 2 open heart surgeries and was given little hope to making it through his childhood. We were told we would lose him if we went to Boston and attempted this riskly bi-ventricle repair, but we went anyway, because God put peace in our hearts, and as soon as we talked with Dr. del Nido over the phone, we heard the confidence in his voice and we knew, that learning Gabe’s story was not by chance, God was listening and answering our prayers.
    So we went, Will did very well, we were home in 4 weeks, and Will had a four chambered heart, with all his own valves!
    That was 2 and half years ago, Will is such a wonderful boy, and runs, plays, laughs, learns and everyday we thank God for his miracle. He may someday need a valve replacement, but we have peace about that too.
    Even more kids have gone to Boston since Debbie made her video…Dr del Nido has a passion for kids with this severe defect and Down Syndrome, kids that others have written off as lost hope. These kids have so much to give, they are wonderful.
    Thank you for helping to spread the hope.
    I will be checking in with your blog and keeping you in my prayers, Im happy you are doing so well after your valve replacement surgery.
    Kim, mom to Will, carepage name HeWill

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