Friday Fun: The Color Test Brain Teaser

My dad just sent me this brain teaser called, “The Color Test”.

It took me 3 attempts before I figured it out. Try and get 100% on your first try! Click this link or the image below to play “The Color Test”.

The Color Test Brainteaser

Let me know how you did by clicking here and leaving a comment!

Have a great weekend!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of

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  • jerry

    I figured it out about 1/3rd the way through during my first first try and got 100% on my second first try. 🙂

    It’s surprisingly difficult.

  • Charles Swinburn

    Took me three attempts also. I am going into Mayo Clinic, Rochester for mitral valve minimally invasive robotic surgery in a week and a half. I am finding your book very helpful. Charlie Swinburn

  • Carol

    Got 100% first time.
    Having my first aortic valve replacement on Tuesday morning! Thanks for all of the insight! Many of my questions were answered. Some had never entered my mind!

  • Carmen D. Downey

    I must say that the “timer” on that site counts so much faster than my watch. I do believe it changes every 2 seconds…..I tried it and got 68 and it told me well done….
    It also eluded to the right-brain and left-brain “issue”………..this exercise told me that I must have a big issue with the sides of my brain…….lol………….Dixie

  • Steve Varro

    I got 100% on the first try… but I must confess I had seen this a few years back.

    Fun game!

  • Midge

    Also took me two tries, but realized after the first try that if you say the color of the “ink” out loud it works better and faster. Great example of trying to shut out one part of your brain and focusing on the other.


  • Inger

    First of all, Adam, let me thank you from the bottom of my newly repaired heart, for writing The Patient’s Guide to Heart Valve Surgery. I would have been totally lost without it. Instead I was a well informed patient who could ask all the right questions and was bold enough to expect them to be answered!

    Great fun, this color test, but it took me 3 tries to get 88 %. I finally got it right on the 4th try. I had my aortic valve replaced 7 weeks ago and I swear there are times during the day when my brain doesn’t seem to be part of the rest of me.

    I also have bouts of flickering eyesight and blind spots. I’m told this is very common and it will “in all probability” get back to normal, but nobody can tell me when. From what I’ve read this is not unusual and it’s probably a side effect of having been on the heart-lung machine. I’ve been blessed with having absolutely no pain at all in my chest after surgery, but this brain of mine is not what it was before surgery and I would like to get back to work some time in the next few weeks.

    If any of you, my fellow members of the Zipper Club (HAH), have experienced something like this, I would love to hear from you.
    Thank you.


  • becky tunnell

    It took me 3 times also. Very cool!

    Quick question, any non drug ways to stop an irregular heart beat? Non caffine user. Tried the beta blocker and that was worse than nothing.


  • David L. Belisle

    Hi Adam, Only tried it once because thats the real test and got 88%.
    Love the blogs. I think it helps the psyche and the recovery to see what other people think and feel about their surgery. I’m feeling great and have no limitations on my physical activities since my aortic valve and root replacement last November 10. I can’t see how anyone who has a new lease on life can suffer from depression after their surgery. I’m glad I’m still ticken!!

  • Bev

    Got 100% on second try

  • Sheila

    I scored 100%. I studied this and similar tests in university many years ago. It was as fun today as it was back then!


  • Valerie

    Loved the color test. I got a 100% first time.

  • Valerie

    Loved the color test. I got 100% first time though.

  • Victoria

    0% on the first try ….”shameful”; and 100% on the second try. Maybe I’m bipolar, HA HA!

  • Shannon

    Woo Hoo! I got 100% all three tries. 🙂 This test is too easy…

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