Fantastic Video: Dr. Gaudiani Discusses Surgical Outcomes (Part I)

Dr. Vince Gaudiani has provided us with several insightful videos in the past. As you might recall, we recently featured Dr. Gaudiani’s two-part video series about heart valve surgery. Given Dr. Gaudiani’s 25-year career as a cardiac surgeon, this video was applauded by our patient and caregiver community.

Yesterday, I learned from Dr. Vince Gaudiani that he has created a new video titled, “How To Think About Surgical Outcomes?” Considering our ongoing discussion about (i) how to manage patient expectations and (ii) how to prepare for surgery, I found this video very, very, very interesting.

Above, you will find the first part of the video. In the next few days, I will post the second part. Simply press the play button and make sure the volume on your computer is on.

Thanks to Dr. Gaudiani for taking the time to share his unique experiences, thoughts and data. It should be no surprise that if you visit our Heart Surgeon Database, Dr. Gaudiani has received several glowing reviews from our patient community. (Just type “Gaudiani” in the last name search field.)

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of

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  • robert witt

    Dr. Gaudiani was my surgeon. This video very accurately represents how he dealt with me. I researched surgeons throughout the country and am confident I choose the best.

  • Mary Curtis

    Coming up on one year anniversary of Mitral Valve repair by Dr. Gaudiani. I can’t say enough in praise of his magic before heading off now to swim a mile.

  • Joe

    Outstanding perspective on the right things to be asked before surgery! Interesting that Dr. Gaudiani states patients don’t always ask these things. This list should be documented in text and put on its own page of your website, Adam.

    I can’t wait for part two. And I’ve already had surgery so it’s now a moot point for me personally. But those with upcoming surgery should have immediate access to it. Thanks to Dr. Gaudiani and Adam!

  • Marlane Holtshouse

    Wonderful. I had my aortic valved replaced by Dr. Guadiani on August 6th. After alot of research I decided that Dr G was the man especially after talking with him. I traveled from Tucson AZ to have him do my surgery. I look forward to part two.Marlane

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