Off-Topic: Stop… And Smell My Roses

Following heart valve surgery, I learned to slowwwwwww down.

However, given my career and my goals, this wasn’t easy. In fact, at times, it was downright miserable.

One hobby I picked up to help me “slow down” was gardening… More specifically, roses.

Although I’m still learning lots about how to properly grow roses, I’m having the time of my life now that the Spring season is here. Here you can see some of my early bloomers. 🙂

Here’s another one:

I took this picture earlier today:

And, the last one:

Remember… Slow down… Take it easy… And, of course, “Stop to smell the roses!”

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of

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  • Roberta

    Thanks for this great reminder! I was thinking of taking up gardening myself as a pass time. The roses are beautiful!

  • Betty

    Adam,those are beautiful roses.I too grow roses and I can tell you it’s addictive.I also wanted to tell you I love your book and was wondering what the new book has different from your first one? I can use all the info I can get.I have a bicuspid Aortic valve and also have an Ascending Aortic Aneursym.I took the advice from your book and got a second opinion and I’m glad I did.My dr.wasn’t even checking my aneursym and it had grown from 3.5 cm to 4.3 cm in 3 yrs,so thanks for your book ! Also I want to wish you congratulations on Baby Pick.He’s Beautiful!

  • Lou Ann Marler

    The roses are so beautiful, what a wonderful way to slow down.

  • Scott Todd

    Hello Adam, those roses are beautiful. I started growing roses last year. I began primarily because my mother loves them so much. After the first year of watching them thrive at my hand of determination to grow roses for my mother, I worked even harder this the second year and now manage of 30 plants, mostly hybrid tea roses with a few floribunda thrown in. I love it and just wanted to share with you my rose story. My email was included, feel free to say hello anytime.
    Scott Todd
    Winston-Salem, NC

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