Your Cardiovascular Disease Treatment – Best Hospitals And Best Surgeon Research

I’m not sure about you…

But, as I prepared for my heart valve surgery, one of the many critical questions I wanted to answer was, “Which are the best heart care facilities?” and “Who are the best heart valve surgeons?”

Best Cardiovascular Disease Treatment - Hospitals and Surgeons

I did ALOT of research on the topic of cardiovascular disease treatment – best hospitals and surgeons. (So you know, I consider heart valve disease in the realm of cardiovascular disorders although others may consider the term isolate to arteries and veins.)

That said, a lot of my research ended up in my book. However, I have also placed a number of cardiothoracic surgeon profiles in this blog and within my website. I have posted profiles for each of the following heart surgeons here – Vaughn Starnes (Los Angeles), Paul Stelzer (New York City), Eric Roselli (Cleveland), Gosta Pettersson (Cleveland), Kevin Accola (Florida) and more. You can also click here to research over 1,000 heart valve surgeons.

Specific to the best hospitals for cardiovascular disease treatment, here is a link from US News And World Report that has some interesting information about the best hospitals for cardiac care in the United States. They list the top five heart specialty hospitals as:

  • The Cleveland Clinic (Ohio)
  • Mayo Clinic (Minnesota)
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Massachusetts)
  • John Hopkins Hospital (Maryland)
  • Massachusetts General Hospital (Massachusetts)

Don’t forget to click here to visit our new Heart Valve Clinics Directory.

If you have any doctors or hospitals you would like me to profile in this blog, please let me know. You can email me or leave a reply below.

I hope this helps you know a little bit more on the topic of cardiovascular disease treatment – best surgeons and hospitals. To learn more about highly recommended heart valve surgeons, please visit the Heart Valve Surgeon Finder, our free heart valve surgeon directory.

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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  • William Mikkelsen

    Dear Adam,
    I was wondering if you have any information about the surgeon who will be doing my mitral valve replacement in a couple of weeks? His name is Dr. S. Karwande, in Salt Lake City, and Orem, Utah. I googled him and found some information but nothing about heart valve replacements. The surgery will be taking place in the Timpanogos Regional Hospital, in Orem, Utah around the 5th of Feb. I meet with him on Friday, Feb 1st.

    Thank you. You have a great website, and I have been impressed with it’s content.


    Bill Mikkelsen, Orem, Utah

  • Itzik Korakin

    Hi Adam,

    How about profiles on Craig Miller and Vincent Gaudiani? This will take care of Northern Califoirnia folks đŸ™‚ and both are quite reputable.

    Best regards,

  • Suzie Stengel

    Can you please give me the names of any surgeons in the Salt Lake or Denver region who do Heart Valve replacement surgeries. I am looking for a doctor who has a good reputation and is extremely experienced with this surgery.

  • Ann Pecoraro

    Hi Adam and all – my double bypass and aortic valve replacement was on 4/14/08 at the Beth Isreal Deaconess Hospital in Boston, MA and I can’t say enough about my care. It was fantastic! I’m diabetic so my recovery is a little slower than normal but I’m still plugging along. I wish I had discovered this web site sooner – it has answered many questions, though.
    Keep up the good work and good luck to everyone!

    Ann Pecoraro

  • Pat

    My husband has been diagnosed with aortic stenosis and has been told that he will require a valve replacement. In the past he has had one heart attack, one heart “event” and two stents. We live in Maine and had our first consult with a surgeon (for the valve replacement) who practices at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor. We were told by the primary care physician that this particular surgeon is the best. We are somewhat apprehensive about just “going along” with this surgeon and have tried to do some research online. Information is so limited or we just haven’t found the right websites. We will buy your book in order to be better prepared, but we would still like to have some information about cardiac surgery up here. How do we find out if someone is truly “top notch?” We are three and a half to four hours away from Boston and did see two Boston hospitals listed among the top five on your website. My husband is scheduled for some more testing July 23rd. We are just wondering where to find information to better help us make a decision as to where surgery should take place and who should do it. Can you lead us to some websites that can help us? Do you have any information for surgeons in this area. Thank you, Pat

  • Maureen Sadang

    Hi Adam, glad you enjoyed your trip to Hawaii! Congratulations on the anniversary.
    I am scheduled for my operation on July 31 at Kaiser’s Moanalua clinic with Dr. John Chen. what do you know of this facility? I am told that this is one of the best. I guess I am not so thrilled with having this surgery and then getting on a plane 5 days later to head to Maui and then another hour drive to get home. I am somewhat frustrated by the lack of information from the medical community. I’ve found out most of what I know from your site! I don’t know if I should find comfort in that this is considered a commonplace surgery these days. I was told to take iron supplements but nobody seemed to know how much or what kind. Standing at the drug store counter was less than encouraging. By the time I figured out what I thought I should be doing, I was told I was too late and now am doing procrit shots. Whatever! I don’t want to go into this ticked off or having my doctors consider me noncompliant. Right now I’m about in a don’t care mode. just do it. thanks for the coumadin report. one more thing to consider! I will just have to put my trust in God and trust that He is really in charge! I know there are many people here on Maui who have gone through this and are functioning so much better than before, and that is my goal. thanks again for sharing your life! Aloha, Maureen

  • mimi wilk

    Hi Adam,
    I am scheduled for a CT Angiogram on July 29 to confirm that I am a candidate for Mitral Valve Robotic Surgery. My surgeon is Dr. H. Kenith Fang at Banner Good SamaritanMedical Center in Phoenix, Az. He has done robotic surgery for a couple of years, but only 10 mitral valve surgeries. Does it matter that he has not done more surgeries in the mitral valve area or is this normal? Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks for your help.
    Mimi Wilk
    Home phone: (480) 219-5731

  • Winona Blake

    Hi Adam,
    I am hoping that I would be a candidate for the daVinci assisted minimally invasive surgery.
    My understanding is.that the daVinci assisted repair is far more successful at achieving a repair than the other 2 traditional procedures. 95% vs 50%. Also, less time on the heart-lung machine, less time in the hospital, much faster healing time, and less pain medication needed. Two weeks recovery and back to normal activities, and normal life longevity.

    The pain factor is important as I cannot tolerate narcotic pain medications. In the past years I have had strong side effects with narcotic pain meds (woozy, spacey) with Percocet and Vicodin, and another I cannot recall the name, with very little pain relief. Then five years ago the morning after a TKR(Total Knee Replacement), I was on the morphine pump, and choked on my breakfast food. I was able to ring for the nurse and they found me unconscious. I had to be resuscitated by the anesthesiologist. Later I had several episodes of choking even on Darvon while in rehab. So I do not want to take any narcotic s for post-op pain control.
    I have discovered that there is a new non-narcotic pain control system by iFlow called ON-Q, and it is being used for mitral valve repair, including the daVinci assisted repair. That is very reassuring for me.

    At this point I am leaning heavily toward going to The Clevelend Clinic for the surgery for two main reasons:
    They are rated #1 in USNews and World Report for heart care, and
    They have two surgeons who have done a lot of daVinci assisted mitral valve repairs, Dr. Mihaljevic and Dr. Marc Gillinov. As a matter of fact, I watched Dr Mihaljevic doing a mitral valve repair with the daVinci assist on the internet the other day. Pretty cool.
    I am somewhat familiar with the daVinci as my husband had a prostatectomy three years ago here in Manchester, NH. I could appreciate the difference in recovery post-op as I am a retired RN.

    My insurance is Medicare with secondary at top tier, so I can choose my providers without going through hoops. We have paid through the nose for it, and it looks like it will have been worth it.

    Also, I have been reading information on supplements for heart health and MVP on Dr Steve Sinatra’s website. I am a firm believer in integrative medicine, am interested in using Dr Sinatra’s approach to supplementation pre and post op.
    I have been doing Dr Rinse’s Breakfast (as recommended by Dr Sinatra) for the past 10 days, and having less chest pain, breathing better, and no more “brain fog”.

    Any thoughts? Profile info on Cleveland Clinic and the two docs?
    Looking forward to receiving your book that I ordered Sat.

    Winona Blake

  • Karin

    Hi Adam,
    You should add a profile of Dr Charles Bridges, Philadelphia Hospital/Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He is a brilliant cardiac surgeon, reputed to be the best in the Philadelphia area, and has pioneered many of the current heart surgery procedures. He is also a very friendly and caring doctor.

  • Hal

    Do you know of Dr. Jamie Brown at te U. of Maryland hosptial in Baltimore, MD? What is his reputation and the reputation of the clinic?

    thanks, Hal

  • Hal,

    I believe there is a surgeon profile on Jamie Brown in our new Heart Valve Surgery Database. Please click here to use this new tool that helps patients and caregivers locate and research cardiothoracic surgeons:

    Keep on tickin!


  • Martha A. Davis

    Are there hospitals in the Greenville, Spartanburg, SC area that are good when having aortic valve surgery?

  • Hi Martha,

    I don’t know about specific hospitals in Greenville, South Carolina…

    But, you can search of our new heart valve surgeon database by location.

    Try this link:

    Keep on tickin!


  • Theresa


    I have an 18 year old daughter with a bicusipid aortic valve and a thoracic aortic aneurysm.

    Please help me find the best surgeon for her.. It’s about time the aneurysm is at 4.2cm and has grown 0.6 cm over the last 12 months.

    Thank you for any information…

  • Jeff

    There is a VERY good Heart Center in Greenville, NC. They just opened a new Heart Hospital associated with East Carolina Univ. There is a Doctor named Randolf Chitwood who is one of the worlds best at robotic surgery. I know a couple of people who went to ECU and had nothing but great things to say. In fact many of the Doctors who do heart surgery robotically are trained in Greenville, NC.

  • kathy

    My Mother is 81 years old, she has a history of high blood pressure. other
    wise she is in good health for her age. She has a heart murmur that has
    got worse since her last years tests. I’m very concerned about her maybe needing heart valve replacement at this age. I was wondering how common this surgery is for people in their eighties and the results are good?

  • Peter

    My name is Peter, I am 30 years old and about to have my 3rd open-heart surgery in a few weeks. They will be replacing a calcified homograft valve for the second time. I have been struggling with all the decisions on where I should have it done and with which surgeon. Last night I came across your blog which was very helpful and informative. Thanks for creating the forum such as this to share with others who have gone through the same challenges. It’s been encouraging to read the messages, yet at the same time has caused me to start questioning some of the decisions I need to make soon. I too live in Southern California (LA Area) and I am in the middle of trying to decide which surgeon I should go with. My last two surgeries were both at UCLA and done by Dr. Hillel Laks. (I didn’t see any references to him on your Blog site) Do I go back to the same surgeon who is most familiar with my heart and the work that’s been done thus far – even though the last surgery was 13 years ago? Or do I go Dr. Alfredo Trento at Cedars-Sinai where I’ve had my heart caths and my cardiologist is also on staff? Or do I go to USC and have Dr. Starnes do the procedure, since that is where my HMO will most likely send me? I want to make the right choice but it’s getting a bit overwhelming. Do you have any advice or insight on these other doctors or facilities? Not sure, if anyone can help or shed light in any way? I have such a short window to decide. My wife and I are expecting our second child due end of October. Knowing the recovery time it takes to heal, it is stressing both me and my wife out because she will need me to help with our 16 month old and the newborn when she arrives. I just can’t pull the trigger and decide where to do it? I had a consult on Monday with Dr. Trento at Cedars, I have a consult wiith Dr. Laks tomorrow afternoon. Should I see Dr. Starnes too? Any advice?

  • Jared

    Adam – I am getting ready to have two valves replaced, due to a botched Ross procedure. I did not do my research on the surgeon last time, so this time I will not make the same mistake. Looking at all the ratings of hospitals and surgeons in the Colorado area, I have been unable to find any from the list you have provided. Can you please provide me with some names/ locations in the Denver area, or would you recommend that I go out of state? As always, I appreciate your efforts!

  • Joe

    I live in southwest va and have been told i have severe mr due to mvp. i have two leaflets that are not working correctly. in north east tn there are a couple of hostipals and surgeons who have been recomended. I really don’t know. can you tell me about these hostipals/clinics and surgeons in Bristol, Johnson City and Kingsport TN? I would like the davinci if possible.

  • Maxine Balkema

    I am considering having mitral valve surgery. I live in Lafayette, Indiana and go to the Indiana University Medical Center Hospital in Indianapolis, In. My doctor is part of the Krannert Institute of Cardiology. Do you know anything about these medical facilities?
    Thank you.
    Maxine Balkema

  • Thanks for your article on Heart Valve Replacement.

    Just a few words to honor the Doctors at St. Josaeph’s/Marshfield Clinic Hospital in Marshfield, Wisconsin.

    My Doctor was Dr. John Douglas-Jones, my cardiologist was Dr. Kamillia Buddemeier. My experience with the two of them was the best one could ever expect to have.

    A week in the hospital and almost life back normal. I say almost because I still have Cardio. Rehab. to undergo.

    I think it is a result of the professionalism of these two Doctors that I have recovered as I have.AHEAD OF SCHEDULE.

    I can’t say enough about these two remarkable people and the staff at St. Joseph’s/Marshfield Clinic.


    Kevin Hemp
    Phillips, Wi. 54555

  • Carol G. Nichols

    I had a Mitral Valve Repair in 1996. My valve is leaking and I will need sugery within the next two years. Am I a candidate for a repair rather than a replacement. I live in the Upatae of SC and would like to know if you have any information about the hospitals and surgeons in this area,particularly Greenville and Spartanburg, SC .
    Thank you,
    Carol Nichols

  • Frank Marocco




  • Cathy McFall

    My husband has WPW that he had open heart surgery for 22 years ago and at least 4 ablations in the last 10 years. He has had an enlarged heart but the doctors recently told him that his right ventricle is extremely large and his ejection fraction is at 33. They told him that he will eventually need his tricuspid valve repaired. Upon searching the internet, there are not many surgeon that list the tricuspid valve as their specialty. My husband experienced internally bleeding of his thymus in his previous surgery that led to going back in and he almost died. He suffered a Grand Mahl Seizure, a stroke and a colapsed lung. To make matters worse, they gave him Dilantin that they found out he was allergic to. After 2 months in the hospital and over 6 mos of rehab to learn to walk since his left side was paralized he recovered but he doesn’t want to go through that again. Do you know who we should get a second or third opinion from or what surgeon would be an expert in repairting the tricuspid valve?

  • Judy Pulsipher

    I live in Ocala Florida. I have spoken with several surgeons and am confused. My diagnosis for surgery is; double valve replacement, bypass and Maze procedure to restore heart rythm. I have spoken with two difference hospitals and surgical teams in this area.

    I have been explained and understand my condition, what is to be expected and recovery. My condition was diagnosed at least 30 years ago and have already (1990) had a mitral valve repair.

    My confustion is which doctor! They both tout they are the best and speak not so well about the other team. One hospital team is new and the other has been here forever.

    HELP!! I could go out of state but prefer to stay in Florida if possible, However, I am from Utah and have many friends and relatives there.

    Thanks, Judy

  • Claudia Jurado

    This doctor will perform a valve replacement for my husbando.
    Any additional info on him and on the hospital

    Dr. Elias Zias
    NYU Langone Medical Center

  • Hi Claudio,

    You might want to check our surgeon finder. I believe there is a patient recommendation for Dr. Zias in the directory.

    Here’s the link:

    Keep on tickin!

  • John C. Worzbyt

    Hi Adam:

    I live in North Carolina in the research triangle. I am being monitored for an aortic valve replacement. I am being checked every six months. I am told that my numbers are such that with any additional changes to the valve, that I will need surgery. What hospitals and cardiac surgeons do you recomment in NC? Thanks!!


  • Mary O

    Hi Adam,

    My sister is insured by the Marin IPA / Pacificare HMO. Marin General Hospital is in Greenbrae, CA. Robert Ellis MD is a well loved heart surgeon for the hospital. Her 48 yr old heart is in otherwise good condition except for a mitral valve which balloons up, severly prolapsing with moderate to severe regrugitation. Everything suggests that the repair approach is doable with a good deal of certainty. I want to know how/who she should choose to do the surgery. She does not want to offend her doctor by looking into another hospital/Dr. I have not been able to find any ranking information. We are in the San Francisco Bay Area. Your guidance is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks Adam

    Best Regards

  • Pat

    Can you please review Straub Hospital Honolulu and Dr. mark T Grattan. My husband needs an aortic valve replacement. He is 66 and has a pacemaker and an O ring on his mitral valve

  • Harriet Hewitt

    I am in need of an aortic valve replacement. What is your assessment of Dr. Donald Glower and Duke medical center?

    Thanks for any advice,

  • Selma

    Hi Adam,
    Seeking for a top notch cardiologist in Salt Lake City, Utah. Any recommendations?
    Thank you in advance,

  • Lorraine Hebert

    I am in need of mitral valve repair/replacement surgery and I live in Anchorage, Alaska. I am inclined to travel out of state for surgery and am leaning towards the Cleveland Clinic. I have not selected a specific surgeon. I was wondering how travel fits into the whole pre op and especially the post op recovery process and how long I will need to plan to stay in Cleveland verses traveling home to Anchorage. I am 45 and mom to relatively young children, so there will be some logistics to consider besides just the surgery itself.

    Also, are there quality surgeons and hospitals in the San Diego or San Francisco areas as I have extended family in both of those places?

  • Kevin Hemp

    Dear Adam,
    I would consider it an honor if you would let me add two doctors (Cardio.) to your list of heart doctors.
    They are Dr.’s Kamillia J. Buddemeier and Douglas-Jones. Speaking from personal experience, I would submit these two very professional professionals.
    I believe that long statements are not read so I will end this at this time.
    If there are any questions I’m in the Wisconsin Phone book.
    Thank You
    Kevin Hemp


    Hello Adam,

    My mother is needs mitral valve replacement vs repair surgery. She also has A fib. We live in Charleston, WV. I know Charleston Area Medical Center is the large heart center in the area. I was wondering if you had any info on who is the top heart valve surgeon in this area or should we consider going to Clevland Clinic?

    Thank you,


  • Pat

    Hi. I posted a question in December and never got an answer. In fact, I can’t find any answers only questions posted by people. We are very nervous about having aortic valve replacement done here in Hawaii. My husband 66, is scheduled later this month to have the procedure at Straub in Honolulu with Dr Mark T. Gratin head of cardic surgery there. Can you review the surgeon and hospital for us? We live on Maui, but if he would be in safer hands we could fly to Cleveland, however the long flight after surgery is probably not good. His valve is almost wide open we are told.

  • Aloha Pat,

    Thanks for your note. I do my best to answer as many questions as possible. However, it has become almost impossible to answer everybody’s questions as this website has grown beyond expectation over the years.

    Specific to Dr. Gratin, you may want to check our “Surgeon Finder” (see the tab at the top of this page). There you can do a search to see if any patients have recommended Dr. Gratin.

    You can also use other services like Healthgrades to learn more about Hawaiian cardiac surgeons. I’d encourage you to ask for the outcomes of any surgeon you consider for your husband.

    Keep on tickin!

  • Kevin Hemp

    Good Evening all,
    I had an Aortic Valve replacement done in ’09 at the Marshfield Clinic (Marshfield, Wi.) that was ordered by the best cardiologist in the business. Dr. K.J. Buddemeier. The Physician was Dr. Douglas-Jones.
    Now if a person needs a cardio. or a surgeon and your in the Wisconsin area these two are the one’s YOU need! They are not just good they are the best!
    Kevin Hemp

  • Vicki Pierson

    I live in central WV and I don’t think you will get mitral valve replacement anywhere in WV. I moved here 3 years ago from Maryland and still had my Marylnd cardiologist when I was told I needed mitral valve surgery. My doctor told me to go to a large center where they did A LOT of repairs, and could do them quickly to minimize time on bypass. It didn’t take much research to conclude that Cleveland Clinic was the logical choice. My valve was badly damaged from Barlow’s disease but my surgeon was able to rebuild it. He told me that if I had gone anywhere else it would have been replaced. Give yourself the best chance possible and go to CCF. About half their patients are out of state so they are good at arranging things to fit your needs. Best of luck!
    Vicki Pierson, mitral valve repair June 2011

  • justin


    I’m going to have a valve replacement in two weeks any recomendations for surgeons at Penn

    Thank You

  • Patricia Melton

    Are you familiar with a new procedure called “Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion Closure.” for Atrial Fibrillation? If so, do have a recommendation for the best surgeons in the Peoria, Illinois area..

    Thank you,
    Patricia M.

  • Gary

    My husband was told he has an enlarged aortic root valve measuring 5.1cm in conjunction of aortic valve congenital (bi-cuspid aortic valve) malformation. \\
    My husband had his echo-cardiogram and learned today he has an enlarged aortic root measuring over 5.1 cm. They have scheduled him for a ct scan with dye. Would a trans-esophageal exam be more inclusive for this condition?\\
    What is the recommended treatment?
    What is the prognosis of this condition if surgically repaired?
    What surgical options available for aortic root valve and aortic bi-cuspid valve replacement?
    Teresa F.

  • david B

    Which is the best hospital in or around Nashville Tn for a haert valve repair/replacement?
    Thank you.

  • Debbie Young

    Hi Adam.
    My husband and myself are going to Cleveland Clinic to see if he can have the robotic surgery. Is there any hospital around Okla. City that does the robotic on heart valve surgery. Our physician states that his can not be repaired, but CLeveland says they might be able to.

    Debbie Young

  • Robert Hattem

    I currently live in Woodbridge Township in New Jersey. I had a mitral valve replacement (St. Jude valve) in April of 1999. At the same time they also performed a bypass procedure on an artery that was only about 50% blocked at the time to save me the need for having to have it done, as they said, 5 years or so down the road. I’ve read that bypasses last approximately 10-12 years. Since I am at the 14 year mark I want to be proactive “just in case” I need another one in the near future. I am 64 years old, had a minor stroke 2 years ago, from which I am fully recovered, was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes last year which is under control using medication, not insulin. I have no physical restrictions and am in generally good health. My previous surgery was at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Paterson, New Jersey, though I don’t remember the surgeons name. II guess what I would like to know is which hospitals and surgeons have the best mortality rates and are rated the highest in the tri-state area. Thanks for your time.

  • Gary F

    To Adam of Oklahoma.
    I just had heart valve surgery ….. Robotics is not for everyone….
    You may want to try the Dallas Fort Worth area. Dr. Ryan at Heart Hospital of Plano, TX has some of the latest techniques. Southwestern Medical School has some of the most advanced and proved practices. All the doctors work very close together in the DFW metroplex to give coordinate their best talents.

  • Bruce Chittick

    Hello Adam, I am scheduled to have valve replacement surgery for aortic stenosis in August. My doctor is recommending Dr. James Benner he operated out of Trident Medical Center in Summerville, SC, suburb of Charleston. My wife is not thrilled because it is a smaller hospital about 30 mins from where we live. There are two hospitals in Charleston Roper St Francis and The Medical University (MUSC). Can you give me your thoughts or recommendations. I appreciate your time, thank you.

    Bruce (65 years old)

  • Sandra Allen

    My Father has aortic valve stenosis..needs replacement results from echogram test.
    Cardio Dr. suggest open heart surgery, was not a candidate for Transcatheter surgery.
    Internal Medicine Dr. said he was perfect candidate for Transcatheter surgery.

    We understand the procedure types, don’t understate the candidate status??
    Will you explain one from the other……87 Years, Very Good Health, has had no
    surgeries in his lifetime… only Medications he takes it Blood Pressure (114/72), & Cholesterol.

    We are in Tampa Bay Area…..Could go to Cleveland
    Which Hospital in Tampa Area has the highest rating for this type of surgery?
    Would Cleveland Clinic has the highest rating for this type of surgery??

    Appreciate your Knowledge!!!!

  • Ms. Bernaclis M. Churchill

    I received two recommendations for UPENN on your website, but I was turned down by both Drs. Acker and Bavaria there for mitral valve repair. Dr. Acker stated that my repair would only be 70% assurance, & I was told to come back. I think this is odd, since you don’t get better with age. What is wrong with this picture. I don’t want a valve replacement, although this is all that they suggested, this too, is especially odd since they do valve repair. I’m confused by the refusal of surgical repair and so were several members of the office staff. They were shocked.
    Is there anyone else in Phila., PA that can do a difficult valve repair for someone with Barlow’s disease.

  • Lizet M.

    I recently was told I have tricuspid valve regurgitation. The cardiologist told me that this does not cause chest pain and that there is no replacement surgery. He says I have a significant leak. Through some of my research I have found differing information. I have been through tests to find the cause but no results yet. He is not treating me. He says we will just monitor my heart. I am supposed to go back in January for a check. I am seeking a second or third opinion. I have not been able to find anyone specializing in the tricuspid valve in my area. Do you have any suggestions. I live in Lafayette, Indiana. I am willing to travel to see someone, though I would prefer to stay in IN. Thank you.

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