Heart Valve Replacement Manufacturers – Who Are They?

A great topic… Heart Valve Manufacturers.

They design, develop and manufacture the little gizmos that replicate the functioning of our own tissue heart valves.

However, often times, patients know very little about the manufacturers of  mechanical or biological heart valve replacement devices. That said, the question of “Who are the top heart valve manufacturers?” is a great one.

Edwards LifeSciences Heart Valve Replacement
Edwards LifeSciences Valve Replacement

There are three heart valve manufacturers that are very, very, very reputable in the heart valve replacement market:

  • St. Jude Medical
  • Edwards LifeSciences
  • Medtronic

I have written about each of these heart valve manufacturers in past blogs.  They are each unique in their strategies for developing replacement heart valves.

There are also some newer heart valve manufacturers that are creating different approaches to heart valve replacement using special tissue or catheter-based replacement techniques. Those heart valve manufacturers include:

  • eValve – Purchased by Abbott Laboratories
  • ATS Medical – Purchased by Medtronic
  • On-X
  • CoreValve – Purchased by Medtronic

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of HeartValveSurgery.com.

To learn how Adam has helped millions of people with heart valve disease, watch Adam's video, subscribe to his free newsletter, or visit his Facebook, or Twitter pages.

  • pravesh kumar

    My dear Sir,

    thank you Very very much first of all because you have given very unique information that i was looking for. and i am a patient of Arotic valave reg.(lekage). and going to be oprated in india. again thanks


  • Francis

    Dear Adam,

    I have a very hard operation in front of me, Aorta and mitral valve
    replacment, can you tell me who are the best manufacturer for these
    thank you
    and have a Marry Christmass

  • koen Junggeburth

    Dear Adam,

    you forgot the biggest European Heart Valve company: Sorin.
    Sorin is market leader with mechanical heart valves and the second best with Tissue Heart valves.
    Why didnt you mention this company?
    CarboMedics is the most durable valve in the world!
    we do launch now a sutureless aortic valve.
    we are the only company with 100% supra annular mechanical valves.
    The Freedom SOLO is a stentless Tissue valve with the lowest gradients!

    with regards,

    Koen Junggeburth

  • james moore

    i have had two valves in the aorta and the mitrel i feel fine i had endocarditis i feel ok now but i think people should be aweare of endocarditis there is not anothe information on this subject it is a killer i got it from my teeth but i had surgery when i was 7 i had my 1 valve in at 37 and the 2 one wen i was 40 i am 44 now
    people should be aware of endocarditis any one can get it with gum dieases sorry for the spelling jimbo moore please get back to me

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