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Is It Possible To Cure Mitral Valve Prolapse?

Posted by Adam Pick on August 23rd, 2007

As I remember…

When I was first diagnosed with heart valve disease, my immediate thought was, “Okay. What’s the first step to treating it? It must be curable, right?”

For this reason, when I receive an email that reads, “What’s mitral valve prolapse? Or, how can I cure mitral valve prolapse?”, I tend to stop and remember that moment.

As for the first part of the question, mitral valve prolapse effects the flaps (or leaflets) of the mitral valve. Simply put, the valve leaflets don’t seal properly. In mitral valve prolapse, one of the flaps, or leaflets, moves back into the atrium when the heart beats. This “prolapse”, or buckling, enables blood to flow from the ventricle back into the atrium as shown in the anatomy of the heart.

So you know, about one in twenty Americans has mitral valve prolapse – so, it’s a relatively common heart valve disorder. People are usually born with it as a congenital condition. Interestingly, more women have mitral valve prolapse and mitral valve prolapse symptoms than men.

Now, for the tough part of the question… “How To Cure Mitral Valve Prolapse?”

Well, the first thing you should know is that many people with mitral valve prolapse do not need to treat, or cure, their mitral valve prolapse. If the blood flow back into the ventrical is trivial, no treatment is necessary.

However, if the blood flow back into the ventricle is significant – a cardiac disease known as mitral regurgitation – the heart becomes strained as it is forced to work “overtime” to help circulate blood throughout the heart. If this occurs, symptoms of mitral valve prolapse may manifest in the patient.

  • Sometimes, this may result in the patient taking medication to enhance the flow of blood through the mitral valve.
  • Other times, if the mitral valve prolapse is very significant, the patient may need to have mitral valve repair or mitral valve replacement surgery.

I hope this help you better understand mitral valve prolapse and how to cure it.

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick A dad, a husband and a patient, Adam Pick founded this website in 2006 to educate you about heart valve surgery from diagnosis to recovery.
You can get the latest updates about heart valve surgery from Adam at his Facebook, and Twitter pages. Click here to email him.


mahsa says on March 17th, 2012 at 2:54 am

hi… i have MVP,and i,m looking for cure,but doctors say no need to cure, but I have pain, i get nosebleed and i feel my heart timbering..what can i do?


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